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Monday, October 23, 2023

Homemade Condensed Mushroom Soup ~ Freezer Friendly

Shallots, Organic Baby Bella Mushrooms

 I have been making homemade condensed mushroom soup, for the freezer.  The link still works on my older blog post, but I do not add the thyme to mine.  I never know what I am going to use it for, so I leave that out, but the link for the recipe is on this:  Blogpost.

The original recipe calls for cremini mushrooms.  I used to find them in the stores, prior to covid, but all I can locate here, are organic white or baby bella (so I buy the baby bella).  I did some research and baby bellas are basically the same as cremini mushrooms.

Mushrooms are very healthy for us, and I love this recipe, as it uses butter.  Organic store bought condensed soup contains soy oil and other soy products.  The recipe does contain a bit of flour, but I adapt the entire recipe using all organic/non-gmo ingredients.  There is no corn starch in this recipe.

It smells so good when it's being made.  The link goes to a recipe site, and she had recipes for cream of chicken and cream of celery too.  If I want a comfort meal, it typically involves homemade mushroom soup.

Another repeat for most readers, and oddly, I seem to have re-stocked the same time last year.

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