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Sunday, June 4, 2023

Crocheted Washcloths ~ Review Over the Years


Ten years ago, I crocheted my first washcloth for selling at craft shows.  The photo above is from a camping trip in 2013 (that is a store bought black dishcloth to the right).  It's cotton, but over the years, it is not a favorite, and I stopped making them.  They where two thick, and too small, especially after several years of washing them.  

It was not a good selling item at the craft shows.  Ten years later I still have these in my inventory.   I still have 7 sets (one washcloth and one face "scrubbie").  The size is perfect for camping or traveling.  I know a friend who takes her own washcloth on vacation.  I got this pattern online for free, but her page is loaded with adds.  

Above 3 photos were taken a few days ago.  The bottom one is showing you how my first washcloths held up over the years.  It also shows how thick the stitches are, compared to the "make up" washcloths (most current pattern made).



Baby washcloths - 2017

I purchased some thinner yarn, that was going out of business and was never made again.  I made hand towels and washcloths for personal use, and some baby washcloths to sell.  They have held up over the years, but the baby washcloths did not sell.  My Mom bought them for using to wash up her grandkids, after a meal.  Mom was my best supporter.  Oh, and those were the only colors in that yarn they had in stock.  A yarn that takes up my stash space, so I may be looking into finding a way to use it up.

Current photo (2023)

Next, I made these to try them out.   I first made them in 2015.  They also held up, but too think and too big.  I feel they will be put to cleaning rags.  Also, these did not sell.


I made, what's called, a "makeup" washcloth, using a new pattern and using black cotton yarn.  These, so far, are my favorite of all the tried and used crocheted washcloths.  They are just the right size, hide any black mascara stains, and dry fairly quickly.  The stitch creates a not-so-thick washcloth.

Sorry if this was a boring post ha ha!  I literally just came across them in the wash, and thought "man these are really holding up."  Thought it deserved a post.  Washcloths are also small projects, which are great to stitch up during hot summer days.

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