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Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Beautiful Day ~ Painting Resumes ~ Balancing Act


While the washer was doing it's thing, I cleaned my clothesline.  Boy it was dirty.

We had a beautiful  60 degree day, so I took advantage of it.  It won't be so nice the rest of the week.  See that lonely sock?  Daughter E did her laundry here a few days ago, and it must have fallen into my dirty towels ha ha

The entrance way to the kitchen from the hallway, is arched.  That is the color of wood before I started painting it. It truly made the rooms look so much brighter, and we love it.  However, I have 4 more doorways, and two windows to paint.  It's a get-er' done over the next few weeks.

The only thing motivating me, is the fact our garden is flooded, so I can't do anything out there until it dries up.  We are supposed to get snow/rain this Friday anyway.  

Since I took those photos, I now have the side door trim primed and will paint it today.  It's a process, and I will be so happy when we are done, but when exactly is "done" around here ha ha!

First, I had to clean all that trim around the side door with vinegar water and a rag.  While that dried, I took down the only curtain in that area, and washed it.

It needed a washing anyway, so that spring clean job is done.

Then where ever I cannot use my handy tool around the edge of the trim, I put up paint tape.

Followed by a coat of primer, then I wash out my brush and wash the tool, move ladders, remove paint tape, put lid on can and do it all over again the next day.  Not my favorite thing to do.  Painting that is, but so much cheaper than buying all new trim for the entire house.

Oh, and the interruptions during the painting process result in a loud heavy sigh, a few expletives, and eye rolling.  Not fun when you are down on the floor, and the phone rings in the other room.

It's been a balancing act between painting the hallway trim, and cleaning up the bedroom walk-in closet.  I'm working on purging, re-organizing and getting anything off the floor to prepare for carpet removal, but I have a lot of work to do.  I could not believe how much yarn I still have in my closet, unfinished Christmas ornaments, unfinished Christmas gifts, and a whole lot of crafting supplies.  Everybody may end up with something crocheted next Christmas ha ha ha!  I guess it depends on how busy our garden year is, and what still needs done inside the house (which is a lot yet).

I filled a garbage bag with yarn to take upstairs, but that is not even close to what's still to be collected and moved up in storage.  Oh boy.  I do have my computer area organized with a notebook for what to make with what, so I'm staying on task and using up what I have.


Debi said...

You are so motivated and on track. I get easily distracted and it seems like nothing ever gets entirely finished!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Debi, we have so much to do, we will not run out of things for a few years around here ha ha!