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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Kitchen Progress ~ Garden Planning ~ New Breakfast Recipe Tried

Our rain turned to drizzling snow.

The kitchen table is almost cleaned up.   I went with a neutral tablecloth.  I was tempted to get out a Valentine's Day one, but this will work until Christmas.  I just have so much on this year's to-do list, changing tablecloths is off the list.

I still need to dust chairs, sweep and mop under the table, but now 3 people can sit there, ha ha!

I have stuff on a few chairs to deal with, and of course the entire floor yet.  Paint will be moved to the next painting project (hallway, bedroom, and master bath).  Upstairs is going to wait until next year, but we will be removing all the carpet very soon.

Sort of a boring post today, but I have been crocheting and watching the cooking channel, in balance with purging and tidying up the house.  The other day, I tried changing the channel, as it was making me hungry (and wanting to write down yet another recipe), but the remote died on me.  I had to get up and do something while the remote charged, ha ha!

I actually have another garden journal, but found the simple notebook works fine for me.  Anyway, the other is a journal with graph paper to draw out where and what I plan to grow each year.  I go out and map it out then draw it down on paper.  It's sort of fun to plan it this way too.  My stand is already in place, with grow lights - gettin' excited for another garden year.

I changed things up for breakfast, and the ladies (chickens) got a treat out of it too.

I have, however, found a new baked breakfast recipe to try.  I'm always looking for something different, and something that uses less eggs right now.  The ladies are not back to normal laying yet, so.....


Katie C. said...

I know this is kind of silly, but try taking the battery cover off the remote and spinning the batteries. It usually works at least once for me…something about the contact points.

You didn’t say what the breakfast recipe was. Some kind of carrot cake oatmeal? I’m eating a broccoli cheddar crustless quiche from the Skinny Taste blog.

Are you going to try growing anything new this year? Last year, we grew tomatillos with great success. We donated over 30 pounds to the food bank and I canned salsa verde. This year we will only plant two 🙄. We want to try bok choy this year. I haven’t started the planning yet but it’s been in the back of my mind. We really need to order seeds soon. Do you have a preferred catalog?

Katie C.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Katie, I love to try growing something new each year, but have not decided yet. I use several sources -Baker Creek Seeds, Territorial, High Mowing, Strictly Medicinal etc. Mostly organic sources.

We plant a lot of tomatoes as I can everything like tomato sauce, tomato soup, pizza sauce, ketchup, taco sauce, salsa and more.

Sorry, here is the recipe I tried. I was out of raisins, and that would add nice flavor, and it needs more cinnamon and nutmeg, but pretty good.