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Friday, January 20, 2023

Kitchen Table and the Over Flow of Recipes


Before (after the initial before ha ha)

At the end of the day.  The kids even spilled an oil lamp on this table.

I am sure if you have followed my blog over the years, you will see me post about my long and forgotten and most collected/printed recipes to try.  Ha ha!  Two made it to the Christmas binder and two to the trash.  Not sure if I want to go thru the entire pile just yet.

The table was worse than the above photo.  I had drawers from the breakfast bar, lots of tools, and other stuff.  It's winding down to outlet covers (will get replaced), crocheted item price tags, jar of buttons, dental papers, plant pots that had plants that died and what not.

The table is 24 years old.  It needs refinished.  It has permanent paint marks from the kids, and a few holes from hammering boy scout derby cars on it.  I will clean it up and most likely put a tablecloth on it for now.

My new file folder for the computer/bill paying station.  I have my stamps, note pads, sticky notes, planner and important files organized once again.  Instead of printing anymore new recipes, I jot the website and recipe in that yellow notebook.  If I try it, I will try it first without printing it.

For now, I am starting (again) indoor herb plants in the living room.  I need basil seeds though (three pots under window).

Hot mess!  More to clean up, and put paint cans and paint supplies where they belong, sort another box and other stuff that was moved.  I think there is shelving padding on that chair I still need to install in some more cupboards, and there are two cake pans a person never came to pick up, so those need to be dealt with.  Next week's project.

I finally unboxed my chicken cookie jar I bought back in Feb/March of 2022.  I got a great deal too - $8!  It's in the kitchen cabinet now.

Storms knocked our power out last night, so I was thankful my portable phone charger was charged.  We have candles, oil lamps and battery operated lights too.

Today, the weather goes back to a winter weather.  I'm still dealing with laryngitis, and swollen lymph nodes.  The fresh ginger root has definitely helped, but I'm not back to normal yet.  I also have a humidifier running in our bedroom now. Thank you for your prayers, good mojo, and good thoughts.  

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