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Sunday, January 22, 2023

A few of my favorite things . . .

 I've always wanted to make this post, so today it's what you will be reading about.  What are some of your favorite kitchen utensils, or other items?

(not advertising, just sharing) - small OXO spatula.  My absolute favorite for cooking eggs especially.  One curved corner, great for going around pan for sauces etc.  I love it so much, I bought the kids one for Christmas.  It's great for cookies too.

Not sure what the brand name is for these rubber gloves, but I found them at our Menard's in XL, and they hold up much longer than the yellow ones at grocery store.  They are a bit larger for the size, but hold up longer.

I love my neck light for crocheting/knitting.  You can see it's been taped due to a dog getting ahold of it.  I really need two of these.  I can use one, while the other charges.  The lights are bright and have 3 settings.  It's a Minger, but out of stock on Amazon.  My next light will be different, unless they re-stock it.  I love mine!  Especially during winter, when it's so dreary outside.  Like today.  It's snowing.

My favorite, affordable, kitchen thermometer.  There are nicer ones that cost more, but this one works great for now.  If it eventually dies, I will upgrade to the next best one.

My absolute favorite writing pen - Pentel Client.  Staples in town stopped selling them, but I can still order them online.  However, the last two I purchased do not write as smooth as they used to.  Time to find a new favorite pen?

Tea infuser (left in photo).  It's from ingenuiTea by adagio teas.  My Uncle got me hooked on this infuser, when he sent me one with teas included.  It is so easy to make any herbal tea that is not in a store teabag.  Here I made hot ginger tea using freshly grated ginger, and put honey in my cup.  You sit the infuser over the cup and the liquid drains into your cup, keeping the herbs etc. in the cup.  Easy to clean too.

The weather is not so great today.  Snow and more snow later this week - poor man's fertilizer they call it.  I had plans to at least clean the coop roosts.  We'll see if that happens.



Faith said...

I have one of those danish dough whisks, this is my favorite thing to use when I mix bread, bisquits, batter. It's a slow snowy day here, and it's ok. Very calming and serene, looks like a snow globe.

Irene said...

My favorite pen, cheap and writes beautifully, BIC Cristal. Just discovered them last year. Come in a billion colors and each pen has a cover on the tip, you need to take off before using. Hubby is impressed every time he uses them!

Debby said...

I enjoyed your post. I've wanted to do a post on our favorite OLD utensil. I have a few that are my go-to utensils that I have had since I first moved out of my house at age 18. They look about as bad as I do, but they still work well. Other than that, I am not a big gadget person when it comes to the kitchen.

Leigh said...

What a good idea for a post! It's always interesting to know what items others like and find useful. A good way to pick up some ideas. For example, the neck light. I didn't even know there was such a thing! Our house is set up so that it's hard to find a well-lit spot for knitting or hand sewing.

Kristina said...

Faith, I have never heard of that sort of whisk. I will have to look that up now. Thanks for sharing.

Kristina said...

Irene, thank you! I will need to look for that and try those pens next trip to town.

Kristina said...

Debby, I still have a hand mixer I use when I don't want to get out my electric one. I love using it for pancake mix etc.

Kristina said...

Leigh, that is the issue with our house too - lighting. I love my neck lamp. It's chargeable too, so no batteries.