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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, May 20, 2022

Crazy Busy!


Update on my desk area in the kitchen.  I absolutely love it!  I painted the inside of the kitchen front door the same color as well.

I have to paint above the window, and the computer can be finally moved back where it was.  I put peel and stick barnwood on the computer keyboard tray as well.

On top of the kitchen painting, I have the gardens to work in.  I still need to get the peppers in, have to weed and plant in the herb garden and flower beds.

I spent the day painting, putting laundry out, and cleaning more upstairs.  I took 3 garbage bags down, plus brought 3 large boxes down to use in the garden under the grow bags.  I took a small shelf unit downstairs to the roadside and hope someone will take it.

We are not liking these long work hours my husband has.  His to-do list is growing, so I am googling on the "how to" and doing some things myself.

Once I'm done in the kitchen we start on gutting the rest of the smaller bathroom.  We are both worried we will have to do work on the sub floor in there, but once it's done we will have peace of mind.

I sent an SOS to the girls, to come help clean the upstairs.  They both work long hours and one has a 1 hour drive.  Gas is not cheap, so that's an issue for the both of them on their pay scale.

Ground beef was at a limit the other day at the closest grocery store.  I had to pay a whopping $18 for a motion sensor light for the garden, and we need one more.  I have not turned on the AC yet, but it will be up in the 90's today.  I will be cleaning one AC today, but hoping I don't have to turn it on, on account of the cost of our electricity.

Meanwhile, my house is a complete maze to walk thru.  I try and put things back where they belong daily, but duty calls almost every day.  It's been super crazy busy.  I do not like doing the garden all by myself this year at all.  I'm told that these work hours may last until September now.  It's not what either of us wanted to hear.

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