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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

This and That ~ 5 Acres & A Dream Giveaway

I asked my husband if he'd stop and pick up some navy beans.  He came home with organic Great Northern.  They were sold out of navy.  All navy beans.

Update:  I used this recipe online found HERE, but after baking it felt it did need more chips added on the top at the end of cooking, or a powdered sugar glaze, or the whipped cream.  It was good though!

Dinner was bean and ham soup, butterscotch cake (new recipe tried), and skillet bread.

We are trying to set up a new vet.  Our vet retired and closed the business.  We called 4 now, and some are not taking new clients, and one never answered their phone.  Daughter K has 4 pets and Daughter E has one.  

Update on Mom:

She was admitted to the ER and is staying there until she gets a room.  The only family member that can see her while in the ER room is the person who admitted her.  Not sure what the rules are if she gets an actual room.  Her kidney function is decreasing.

Go to HERE to view and enter a book giveaway by 5 Acres & A Dream!  With everything going on in the world this is a great book giveaway.


Unknown said...

Oooh, I would love to see the recipe for the butterscotch cake!

I hope you mom gets better

Kristina said...

Unknown, I just updated the post and added the link. I found the recipe online. Thanks, we are hoping Mom feels better soon.