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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

This and That ~ Winter Weather Advisory (and it's April!)

The bad:

I heard that Hobby Lobby is closing all their stores for good, due to government mandate involving health insurance and their beliefs.  Has anyone else heard this?  Or is this just rumor?

The good:

My dehydrator replacement door was back in stock and has been ordered.  Woohoo to that.

Something I learned: 

I watched a show on Create TV (cooking), and found out it's healthy to add garlic powder to your chicken feed occasionally.  I caught the 1/4 cup part, but missed per what amount of feed.  I'm trying to find the show online to re-watch it.  I think I found the show, but the station is operating on reduced power, so I'll have to check back later.

Something I learned:

You can make jelly from the red buds on the red bud tree.  I most likely won't get to try it this spring (the freeze), but will try it next year. My Mom has a tree.  It's also medicinal.  Fun and good to know.

I had a request for the recipe for homemade lip balm.  The original recipe I tried uses calendula and is found on Mountain Rose Herbs blog.  I now make an infused oil with lemon balm and make it that way.

As far as making homemade "neosporin" Here is the recipe I use, but there are other recipes online as well using optional essential oils (different ones) to try.  I love this recipe. 

Whelp, sadly the best pizza up by my husband's work has closed both locations due to no one wanting to apply to work.  He tried getting it for us last week and they were closed.  They are hiring, but can't get anyone to work (thanks to you Gov extending unemployment until Sept of this year, which is ridiculous).  More local businesses have closed on certain days or have closed completely until people apply to work.

I decided to cut most of the lilacs in hopes they'll bloom inside, so I didn't have to cover it.  I can't cover my apple or peach trees, so most likely no fruit again this year.

Well, this happened.  We got 4 inches.  A record I believe.  Crazy.  Thank goodness I had enough old sheets to cover some things out there.  The freeze comes tonight.  Oh the fun...

7 comments: said...

You can keep the snow!! That looks so cold. There are a lot of businesses going under! So sad! xo

Lady Locust said...

OH Wow! That's a lot of snow for April!
I did a quick G. search - HL is not closing. We too are struggling to find workers. We have 3 positions open & zero applicants. Everything from fast food to professional careers is trying to hire. Same thing - at $1096/week unemployment nobody wants to work. :-(

Unknown said...

The hobby lobby closing thing is a recycling of an old and untrue rumor that started back when HL sued the gov't and won regarding having to provide ins for employees that included pregnancy prevention as it went against the company's christian principles.

Chasity said...

Thanks for adding the recipes! I can't wait to try them!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

linnellnickerson, yet another business has reduced their hours. So sad.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Lady Locust and Unknown. Good to know.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

You are welcome Chasity