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Friday, April 9, 2021

Random Tidbits

A bit worried about the early asparagus, lilacs and violets, I re-checked the weather.  We'll dip in the upper 30's, but thankfully not low enough for a frost or freeze.

The warmer April weather has also brought our ornamental apple trees into bloom.  

My green onions are doing great but some nettle is crowding it out.   It's the worst this year.  I pulled some chickweed too, but left some for a fresh salad next week.  I want to dig the entire herb garden out and re-do it, but I'll painstakingly wait another year.

The purple dead nettle can be used like my stinging nettle in teas, but this year I learned you can also use it in a poultice like plantain.  I also found a new recipe I may try (uses purple dead nettle).

I started out with a much less work day.  The dishes were done, laundry done, breakfast and dinner all taken care of....porch time came first due to rain moving in later in the afternoon with thunderstorms.

I have a new recipe to try soon.  I have some organic angel hair pasta that I need to use soon, so hopefully I will have a recipe to share.  I hope to find my organic chicken sausage to make it.  The last few trips to the grocery store were not successful.

I'm not sure we'll get raised beds re-built this year.  Lumber has tripled in price (or higher).  

On a sad and scary note, there has been a recall in Canada for the blue/grey medical masks being issued in their schools.  Unfortunately, they look exactly like the kind distributed at my husband's work - toxic.  Made in China.  It's the only kind I can wear without feeling like I'm suffocating, so there goes my outings.  If you google medical mask recall, you'll see several recent recall articles about it.

10 comments: said...

Thank you for info' on the masks. take care!

mamasmercantile said...

Have you tried making your own, I find the ones I make are the best fit.

Faith said...

lovely, lets buy even more things from China. We get our medicine from there, just about everything else..and now the stinkin masks. Is our own government trying to kill us.? The weather has been lovely, did some work in the garden today garlic is looking good.

Rain said...

I read about that mask recall. I am hoping it's not the same ones that I use. There is no list of ingredients on the's supposed to be graphene or biographene, but how on earth would we know that if it's not indicated???

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, I know right? One daughter brought home some one day and all it said was "made in China" on it. I wonder if it's the large boxes and they have they list what it's made of. I asked my husband to check at work, because that is what they are given - the blue and gray ones.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

linnelnickerson, you are welcome

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Faith, did you see they are pausing the Johnson and Johnson vaccine? It caused people to get blood clots. Sigh.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

mamasmercantile, good idea.

Faith said...

nice. It is good to get out of Dodge, and play with your inner child. Probably now more than ever.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Faith, that is exactly what we did over the weekend. I posted pictures. The best vacation this year so far.