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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Weather ~ Romeo ~ New Recipe

If it wasn't for this weather, we'd be popping up the camper and roasting weenies over a campfire.  Literally.

 Romeo has free range of the entire house now.  He is loving it.  He can see out all the doors and windows and is a wonderful watch dog.  He came and joined me during my 2pm crochet hour yesterday.  He just melts my heart with love.  And yes, those are Christmas socks on my feet.

Speaking of being a good watch dog, (sorry if I already told you this), a car pulled in, honked his horn and rolled down his window.  He wanted to know where the lady lives that repairs boat covers.  I had a word for this guy, and it wasn't nice.  Anyway, Romeo is always watching out for us.

He later stole my pillow.  He is just so full of love, and we need it right now.  So glad my Mom has her two cats, as she lives alone and has been locked up longer than we have.

Rebecca at Rebecca's Hearth and Home blogspot, shared this recipe.  I have it a try for mini ham sandwiches.

Here is a photo of how mine turned out.

Flavor?  Well, we all thought they were good.  they just don't look like the photo.

Feeling bad for our youngest right now, and seeing her so very depressed, I went online and ordered items to fill an Easter basket for her.  Praying it all arrives in time, and yes I wipe orders down and toss box/packaging.

Update: My Mom heard from our oldest daughter.  Her college of course closed, but she won't be graduating this year.  They canceled it, and I am told she is very depressed.  I now have her address, so I can send her a surprise in the mail too.  I sent Mom a long email yesterday, but will call today and just chat.  We all need to stay in touch right now.

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