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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Checking In ~ What's your Update?

What are some things you find yourselves doing more now that you were not before this self quarantine?  

I for one, miss the library.  I had to put in an order with Thrift books to calm myself down.  I'll spray the packages when they arrive.  It'll be the last until this is over, as I have a few other books to read too. 

To be honest, I'm doing more cleaning right now, but it's tapering off.  I haven't increased my crochet time, but that will happen soon.

I have been putting more food in the freezer from the last grocery run - blanching and freezing greens, freezing bell peppers, dehydrating mushrooms and onions, freezing more broccoli and cauliflower etc.  I could not find organic zucchini anywhere.  Hopefully, next trip I can find some.  Most people are not buying fresh fruit and veggies so I try and pick some up when we need any essential (pick up service now since delivery is not possible and we don't want to go in stores right now).

I also started a plantain tincture as preventative measures.

Hubby wanted to help a local restaurant and go get take out.  I said, "you know, I'd rather cook considering what's going on in the world and germs can attach to those take out containers and you don't know who the cooks have been around."  He quickly agreed.

Steamed broccoli, quinoa topped with homemade meatballs (with oats), and a sauce that used some of my home canned grape jelly.  

Updates:  Senior centers and adult day cares are closing.  I heard 60 days of no interest on student loans (thankful for that, as we are still paying on one daughter's stint to Kent State, and will never do that again since she's changed her career choice more than twice now).

Anyway, other than the governor stressing the importance of social distancing and staying home and not going to the store for anything but essentials (food, animal food, toiletries etc.).

As of yesterday our state has had 3 deaths from the virus.  It seems we huddle around to watch the TV everyday for updates, but the all seem pretty much the same.  "we don't know" etc etc.  

Our 18 year-old is going bonkers.  She has homework, but wants to take the dog to the park for a walk.  All parks are now closed.  I told her to make the best of our isolated (thankful for that) 6 acres.  I'll keep her busy with maybe some cooking lessons of some sort.  

A friend has challenged me with a small crochet project.  If it works out, I'll post an update.  


Bovey Belle said...

Well, we have started planting seeds in the garden,and we're about to put up the larger (new) plastic polytunnel today (the sort you take down in the winter - here in Wales it would blow away otherwise!) We've done a bit of clearing and digging and walking, and every last scrap of food is being used up, needless to say. I know every Elder tree in the area, so as soon as they come into bloom, I will be drying the blossom for using later and of course, berries in due course.

I will have to start liberating those old friends from the back of the cupboard soon - time for them to be forgotten no longer!

We are self isolating here, but lucky to have a little land and quiet lanes to walk around too. A shame that the London idiots are now flocking to Wales like they are on holiday . . . We have not the infrastructure to cope if they bring the virus with them - our 8 or so cases will soon explode and small local hospitals can't cope . . .

Keep safe.

Faith said...

I'm more of a homebody, this doesn't affect me much. It's not the virus which scares me but people, and their hoarding, and not following the rules. I went to the store and there was alot of vegetables as always, I picked up some there is no run on them. You couldn't find a paper product, not much pasta, and dw liquid soap. I live in Ohio also. We'll get by. I've had a little pantry since our boys were little, and continue to do so, picking up extras or on sale items at each shopping trip, for such a time as this. No panic. We'll get through this, as we get through all other things. America an the world are pulling together, except for the few rogues who like to buck the system.
Take care Kristina, and move your hook. What is your crochet challenge.?

Kristina said...

Bovey, it's snowing here, so I have little gardening, but can't wait to get started. People can get so crazy during this pandemic. Can't find toilet paper or paper towels here.

Kristina said...

Thanks Faith, same here with limited supplies. The challenge is a bookmark, but the only pattern I can find is a video. We'll see if I have any yarn that is suggested too.

Lisa B said...

I am not doing anything different. I had/have plenty of food as we always have full freezers and pantry. I go to work on taxes at CPA's home (just me and her). I work at my business (feed store). Nothing has changed. I am not panicing or listening to the hype of the media. Life goes on. I washed my hands before and cleaned my house. So excessive of either now. Calm down is what the media should say but that wouldn't be interesting enough.

Carol said...

I am thankful that we are still able to go although, they are recommending we stay home. I feel there is nothing wrong with getting in our cars and taking a drive. Our stores are ridiculous and I don't truly see how people are storing all of the food that they are purchasing. It is truly amazing how selfish people are.

Leigh said...

Sounds like you're staying just as busy as every!

We rarely go out anyway, so life is pretty much status quo here. Lots to do as spring is coming on (hopefully soon). I checked our library website and found out we can request books and videos and pick them up at the drive-through window. Very nice.

Mostly avoiding the news because the added stress is healthy for the immune system.

Kristina said...

Lisa B, our news is telling us to "not panic" and stop hoarding, because they are. It's crazy. Hardly anything in our stores right now.

Kristina said...

Carol, it is crazy, and yes Hubby is glad to still be working too.

Kristina said...

Leigh, I try to only watch the Governor live at 2pm, and it's usually the same anyway. "We don't know" etc etc.