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Monday, June 11, 2018

Recipes Morel and Nettle Bake ~ Random Tidbits

Although a bit late for morel mushrooms here, I'm sharing a recipe I found you all may like.  I hope to try it next spring.  I'd probably use ground organic oats with some Italian herbs, or grind up some homemade "croutons" for this recipe.

I've saved many recipes for deer and such from my mother, but I'm starting to collect more recipes for rabbit lately.  I'm still on the fence on raising meat rabbits, but Hubby is still on the fence with me too.  It's all about money and time.  Also, I'll need to learn how to clean them and prep them for the freezer.  We've had a boat load of wild rabbits here lately, and I'm keeping an eye on my garden.  

One of our barn cats chased a baby squirrel up under the porch and under my legs the other morning.  She missed her breakfast, as it ran back off the porch and up the pine tree.  They too will clean my fruit trees, so I'm watching those too.

Well, if you are wondering, Hubby took me to urgent care in style - on the Harley.  Fresh air is good right?  The night before that, we attended a dance performance.  I'll admit it was amazing.  It was from young to old and very fun to watch, but after an hour and at intermission I had to leave.  We missed the last half, but I felt horrible (night before urgent care).  It was so hot in the auditorium, and I felt like I was suffocating with my congestion, and was very fatigued (although I had taken a nap).  My teas, tinctures, and hot bone broth must not have been enough.

I'm back to antibiotics, and I may be taking Youngest in to the doc next.  I'm dosing her up with probiotics, teas and the likes, but we'll see later today.  

I have a plan for a new lip balm to be made.  I need to fill the dehydrator to get that one started.

The rain has hit us again, and it's very, very wet out this morning.  The remaining plants and seeds remain un-planted, and that's just how it will be until it dries up.  I have space to get the sweet potatoes in, but it's a muddy mess out there.  

My house is a mess, but the baby clothes are packed into the trunk of my car until I am cootie-free to deliver.  One musical instrument has been successfully sold, and another up for sale.  The kids have picked up the truck and moved their kitchen table, bathroom cabinet, dresser and whatever else would fit, and they now have a couch too.  They are slowly making their apartment into a living space now.  We have more to move yet too.

Today is another day of rest for Youngest and myself.  I may check on the nettles again today, but need to find my gloves first.  

Hubby picked a good handful of strawberries last night, so it's yogurt and fruit for breakfast.  Both of us with "cooties" need it anyway.


Susan said...

I need to get out and harvest some nettle tops for tea! I keep forgetting and they will soon be too big to use. I only found morels once and I would love to find them again!!

mamasmercantile said...

Sorry to hear that you are still feeling unwell and needing antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon. Our garden is overrun with wild rabbits at the moment, they certainly create havoc.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I think we will try to get permission from someone to hunt for morels next year.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

mamasmercantile, thanks. We are sipping teas today.