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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tincture Time ~ Eye Strain Relief

In the past, I have used a poultice to place on my eyes for eye relief.  I believe I made it from chickweed. I'd have to read over my past blog posts, or read my homesteading journal to be sure....

I'm now experimenting with a tea with a combination of goji berries and chrysanthemum buds.  

Next, it was time to make the tincture. It's still "brewing."

I have organic chrysanthemum buds and vodka in one jar, and organic goji berries in another.   I have read it is better to use 100 proof for the berries, or if you use 80 proof, let it sit longer than 8 weeks.  

I will keep these separate after they are strained, and use together or individually.

Together, this tincture is said to be good for eye strain relief, but there are many the benefits of both. Chrysanthemum bud tea is good for stress and anxiety, as well as helps cure headache, fever, swelling, helps reduce high blood pressure, helps treat diabetes, anti-inflammatory, helps with skin health, heart health, boosts immunity and so much more.   Speaking of Chrysanthemum bud tea, I read that youngin's should drink this at an early age to prevent osteoporosis.

Now, it will be my experiment to see if it works well for what they say it works well for, especially eye strain.  If you have made this tincture, I'd love to know about your experience. 

And with all herbs and berries, some can interfere with prescription drugs and cause reactions, so read up before you attempt these.  Any herb or weed may cause an allergic reaction.  With that said, I am starting small with a pint jar of each.

I have been drinking the tea about 2-3 times a week. I do see that it helps with my recent eye strain.  I'll continue to drink this combination, and update if needed. 


Rain said...

Your experiments are very interesting. I love how you use all natural remedies.

Kristina said...

Thanks Rain.