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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, February 5, 2018

Snow ~ Cold Temps ~ Random Tidbits

Saturday Hubby and I tackled the 2nd felled tree we left sit (bad decision).  It was frozen to the ground, but we managed to free up enough to fill the back of the pick up.

The only downside, I woke up Sunday with a rash on the backs of my calves, and I can't figure out if those limbs had poison ivy or not.  I was covered up fairly good, so I hope it's not.  I had jeans, work boots, long carhartts, a carhartt coat, short cowl, hat, work gloves etc.  The best I figure, it that it's a "heat" rash from all those layers.  I don't have any poison ivy cream, so I first tried chickweed salve.  It took the itch out, but didn't seem to help dry it up.  Today, I applied a heavy layer of calendula cream on.  Time will tell.

I don't give up that easy either.  I have back up ideas in line if that cream doesn't do anything - dandelion poultices, organic aloe vera gel, etc.

School is delayed 2 hours, although traffic is moving like a snail.  Literally.  Some surrounding schools have already closed.  It's freezing in the house this morning, and it's my fault.

Sunday breakfast went pretty good.  I made a double batch of homemade biscuits Saturday afternoon, and then Sunday I made fried potatoes, homemade sausage with gravy, and scrambled eggs.  Youngest got up and said she had been dreaming of it all night.  Our guests were our nephew and his wife.  The one's who recently lost their son to a car accident.  They looked so, so tired and worn out.  I can only pray for peace for them.  

Hubby worked 2nd and 3rd shift, so he is not even home yet. I fell asleep about 9pm, and that was the last stoke the fire saw.  I had a tiny ember left and it's going again, but it'll be awhile before we warm up.

There is another fundraiser set up for late this month, and they are asking for donations to auction off.  They will host a meal and a silent auction as well as bid items off.  The money will fund our nephew's family.  I'm contemplating on what to donate.  It will most likely be crochet-work.   Hubby wants to build something from old barn wood.  I guess we'll see.  

The next craft show is falling on the same weekend as the fundraiser.  I just hope to pull both off.  We desperately need the extra money.  Those medical bills won't disappear quite yet.  What doesn't sell, will be added to my other blog (Rooster's Crow Farm).

I pulled all of my seed catalogs out yesterday.  I'm worried I won't be able to purchase what I need, but God will provide.  I just need to be creative, and go back through my seeds to be sure.  I may not be planting pinto beans or a few other items, but I need to stop worrying.  I've planted smaller gardens and gotten much put up too.

On a good note.  Our 18 year-old daughter's car is not only insured (by her own paycheck), but is up and running.  She may have to put it in 3rd to drive, and in neutral to reverse, but it runs.  The shift cord needs adjusted obviously, ha ha!  She also has a slow leak in one tire.  Tireman will plug it for free.  She just needs to make time to do it.  

Oh, and as for the key stuck in the old ignition part?  Well, our other daughter has spare keys, but has failed to get them to us.  I told my 18 year-old to just take the part outside and smash it with a hammer.  She did and got the key free, and was so proud of herself (ha ha ha ha!).  Now she has two keys to the ignition, and one to the door (different lock).

And last but not least (if you are still with me), I have an egg eating chicken.  It doesn't surprise me with them cooped up, and I have failed to treat them while I was ill.  I have been taking egg shells out filled with mustard daily.  I hope to put a stop to it, but warmer weather sure would help.  I can't get the one barn door open to let them into their run when it's this cold (everything melted yesterday, and is now frozen).

No "happy homemaker" post today.  I have to be super quiet so Hubby can sleep when he arrives home - no laundry, no vacuum, no clanging dishes, no cleaning the master batch etc. It'll fall on Tuesday and through out the week.  


mamasmercantile said...

I have not heard of an egg eating chicken before I must look that up. Keeping chickens is something we would like to do once we have done the outbuildings and established a garden. Glad to hear your daughters car is on the mend it must be a relief for her.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

mama, yeah, chickens will sometimes start eating their eggs and it's not easy to change. I had it happen once before. Just a battle to fight now. Yes, our daughter is very happy to have her own vehicle and I relieved to have mine back now.

Susan said...

What a relief that must be, to have your car back! I have one chicken that will eat an egg every now and then. I just have to be sure that I feed them enough and provide treats to keep them distracted. At this time of year, we need every egg we can get! My heart goes out to your nephew and family. It must be so hard to just get through each day. I'm glad they have such a close family and community.

Henny Penny said...

That rash sound miserable. It sure sounds like poison ivy but not with all those layers of clothing, how could it be. Hope it goes away soon. We have had a hen or two peck an egg the eat it. She will run all of the lot holding the egg while the others chase her. It happens only occasionally though.

Vicki said...

I love your blog, Kristina. It is sort of like sitting at your kitchen table with a cup of coffee and chatting about the daily doings with a friend.

Prayers going out for your nephew and his wife. I can think of little that is worse than outliving one's children. May God wrap them in his loving arms.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I haven't had an egg eating chicken for a while, but this year, a blondie is eating them. I hope to put a halt to it. I check the roost 2-3 times a day and treat more often now. Yes, the family is very close on my husband's side. It's been very hard on all of us.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Henny Penny, it is strange for the rash to show up after cutting wood, but the chickweed and calendula salves/creams are working so far.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Vicki, I am so glad you enjoy my blog. Some mornings, I sit here and wonder, "am I just rambling?" ha ha! Thank you for your prayers.