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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I'm Home.....

I just got home from the hospital yesterday.  I'm a bit loopy yet, off kilter, running on a blip of a cylinder, but I'm home.  It was a long 30-some days of illness.  In reality, it was an illness gone wrong by antibiotics my body could not handle.

I have not been sick for years, and well, the Z-pack as they call it tore me up literally, after getting over the pneumonia.  I tried telling the ER people that the first trip.  They sent us home with more pills, even stronger than the last (blooting my innards to a point of non-function).

Second trip to ER - more xrays, more everything, they put in an NG tube (a tube they insert into your nose and down into your stomach to "deflate" it, and you must be awake and participate to get it in correctly) and ambulanced me to another hospital.  There, they continued the higher, more potent drug, and added yet another.

The tube was removed, but later another put back in.  I was not a happy person at that point.

To keep this short, I refused the higher, potent drugs, agreed on one (only via IV to avoid my stomach), and they continued to deny me water and food.  At this point, I had not really been out of bed, nor eaten (and had liquids) for 30-some days.  They kept me from the 9th until yesterday.

What saved me?  After they agreed to remove the tube and allow liquids, I had Hubby bring me ginger teabags.  One tea removed almost all of my bloating (their only concern at that point), and the next doctor rounding they were stumped on how well my belly felt.  I was then moved up the food chain (their food was downright horrible, applesauce didn't even taste from an apple).  For days I walked the hospital halls, pushing my IV pole along with me.  I took 1-10 walks a day, and sipped my water, along with what they allowed.  Broth - blech, but I drank it.  I chewed gum to increase the bowels, another concern.  

Every part of my innards had to be slowly brought back to normal usage.  They made all sorts of explanations, were completely confused, said I had a blockage (when all was working just fine and confused them even more), and so forth.

What was scary, is the day they sent me home, the one doctor told me they had all intentions to take me to surgery, and even so, he said, he didn't know what they could do.  All because I was gassy and bloated even after back to eating.

I'm home, recovering, sipping my ginger tea, eating really good eggs, and softer real foods.  I'm cracking open my applesauce and enjoying the real food as it should be.  

Oh, and they said, I "had to stay on the treatment of a 14 day antibiotic" even though every test for nasty bacteria sources came back negative.  I was praising God when they stopped the meds, unhooked the IV, and gave my body a complete rest to come home.  I often felt like I was held against my will just to pump that "treatment" through me.  

That all being said, I plan on seeing my doctor, updating what I cannot take (and they better listen), and to take a less dramatic road if I should need it for any other reason in the future.  I won't use that last hospital I just had, ever again.  I did not like one of the doctors involved.  They didn't listen.  

At one point, while the 2nd NG tube was in, they took me to xray to pour a radioactive dye into my tube, and down into my stomach. They xray-ed every 15 minutes to half hour to hour to 2 hours, all the way to 11pm, then again in the morning.  Let me just say they poured 4 x the normal amount a person should have into me.  Thank goodness the tube sucked it out after 11pm that night, but I was very very sick from it.  It took days to get it all out of me, and I let them know I was furious for the amount.  Just one example of why I don't like doctors.

So, overall, it was an antibiotic that healed, then caused another bacteria of some sort make me sick, killing off my good stuff.  Then my body ripped apart from two more high potent drugs, and then finally they agreed to the lower one.  

It will be a bit of a recovery, more ginger tea, and so forth, to get myself back to me again, but I plan on never having to go through this again. Ever.  

This morning Hubby got up and made me eggs and toast, and the eggs never tasted better.  Real eggs, real good body needs real food and liquids.  

The sad part is, I never bought one present prior to this, not even for my youngest birthday that is fast approaching.  They understand, and are doing everything to help me get better.  I am so glad to be home next to my husband, so I can sleep so much better, and to be home with everyone.  I spent a while with Jesse curled up and loving on me and that in itself felt so wonderful.

Sorry for the length, but will hope to update soon again.  Thanks for all the good thoughts, well wishes and concerns. 


Mama Pea said...

I'm tearing up just reading this . . . all you had to go through. I don't know what to say other than I agree with you totally on the fact that our present medical profession and practices can make a person much sicker than they ever were before seeking "help." Please, please don't get your knickers in a twist about not being prepared or not being able to do all you usually do for Christmas or birthdays or anything else just now. Your family's greatest gift is having you home and on the way to recovery. Sending my very best wishes to you, dear Kristina.

Susan said...

I have always said (and continue to say) that the only way I will go into a hospital is if I am a) unconscious or b) unconscious. What a nightmare! I am so, so, so glad you are home and back on your good food and homeopathic help. I am glad I have a doctor who listens, but that is a rarity. You know your body and what it needs better than any doctor. Take your time and check in once in a while so we know how you're doing.

Kim said...

You have been throigh quite the ordeal. Rest now and let loved ones care for you.

RB said...

Wow!!! What a mess you've been through. Whenever I take an antibiotic, I also try to remember to eat yogurt. It replaces the good stuff that an antibiotic can kill.
At this point, keep in mind oatmeal and rice. That's what you start a baby on when their tummies are still so young and tender, and they're good to use for the tummy of someone that's been through what you've been through.
Am continuing in prayer for you. Remember, December 25th is the day, but Christmas CAN be celebrated any/every day, so do what is best for YOU right now.
God bless.

Sharon said...

Kristina, I am so sorry for all that you have had to endure. You will probably need a long while to recover. Please care for yourself and get well.

Debby Flowers said...

Kristina I am so relieved that you are OK! I too teared up when I read this - you have been through so much and I am so sorry. I don't know you in person but have come to know what a good person you are through your blog and was very worried when you hadn't posted for so long. Thank goodness you are so strong to fight this thing. Let your family care for you, rest up, and really just enjoy the holiday - your health and family is all you need.

Never have I meant it more when I say, Be Well.