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Saturday, December 3, 2016

The purple pill from h-e-double-hockey sticks

Four days of being sick, followed by 10 days of being in bed, one urgent care visit and a visit to the hospital ER, I am pushing myself upright today.

Long story short - low immune system allowed me to pick up walking pneumonia, doctor prescribed a pill that ended up killing all my good bacteria, hence the trip to the hospital.  I ended up more sick than I was in the being, more pain, and agonizing nausea (the just repeated a process that was painful and exhausting).  It felt like the antibiotic was trying to kill me.

I'm not even close to being back to normal.  The trip to recovery is very very slow. My energy level is the lowest of all lows.

While I was in one hospital getting treatment, and pumped with sodium and other things (my sodium was low from not being able to eat), our son was in another hospital getting tests for being sick.  He however, will involve a surgery.  Either last night or tonight he had/or will have surgery for appendicitis.  Hubby is going up there later.  Unfortunately, my health is on conducive to that much moving around yet.  As you can see, my brain is not functioning on even one cylinder yet.

Oh, to top that off, our 17 year-old called Hubby as we were returning from the hospital.  She was screaming she was bleeding all over the floor and had cut her foot.  He raced us home, only to find a few drops of blood on the floor.  Crisis averted.  She doesn't like the site of blood.

By evening, I asked my 17-year old to mix me up a special smoothie.  I needed food in me, and crackers and toast were not tasting good at all.  She brought me the best tasting smoothie, and probably my first meal in 2 weeks.  I ate it all.  With a spoon, to avoid gas.  She mixed organic non-gmo probiotic juice mix with organic yogurt, some banana, and lots of ice.  Oh my gosh it tasted so good.  I most likely will have one for breakfast, if my nausea med kicks in.  The are giving me stuff they give to cancer patients, the nausea is that bad.  This antibiotic really is/was the pill that tried to kill me.  

As for the doctors at the hospital, in the end they would not confirm nor deny that the antibiotic made me sick.  They did every test they could, including a CT scan, and came up with nothing that would cause it.  

I hope this doesn't take too much longer to recover from.


Mama Pea said...

OMG, Kristi, I knew you had to be really sick to be absent from blogging for so long. Hoping the worst is behind you (it must be or you would have done kicked the bucket by now, right?) and you'll feel better and better each day. Hope all goes well with your son's surgery, too. Boy, sometimes when it rains it really pours, doesn't it? Keep us all updated . . . even if you can manage only a few sentences. They don't even have to make sense (to you), but at least we'll know how you are all doing. Sending lots and lots of hugs and wishes for a return to normal SOON!

Kim said...

I knew something was going on with you. Had been missing you. Saying prayers for your recovery and your sons. Take it easy or you will end up rebounding and have it all over again.

Nancy In Boise said...

I am so sorry you're not feeling well! I think sometimes the cure is worse than the illness sadly. Good for you taking probiotics to get your immune system back to normal. I would just try to rest and relax as much as you can and stay off your feet. I think that modern medicine is sometimes worse then we think it is... feel better soon

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So sorry you and your family are going through all of this. I will be praying you recover soon. What a difficult time {hugs}

Susan said...

Thank goodness you posted! However not thank goodness for such bad news. It really is important to include yourself in all the caregiving you bestow on everyone else! It's bad when the cure is worse than the illness! Hope you are feeling better soon and please be sure to take care of yourself.

Unknown said...

Wow! I was really worried about you. Hope you get better quickly.

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear all this. Hope it is not as bad as she (from the blog) had/has oit but it might be helpfull for you. Her gutflora was also destroyed by a antibiotica.
In her blog (archive) somewhere she also states which antibiotic it was.

Hope you will feel better soon!

RB said...

After a few days of not hearing from you, I KNEW something was wrong and started praying. Now I'm going to pray you take it easy during the recovery, because if you don't, you'll be right back in the hospital again.
It would seem to me that yogurt, juice, and maybe some baby rice cereal would be the best thing you could eat right now...yogurt for the good bacteria cultures, juice for the energy vitamins and baby rice for a bit of iron and bulk that is easy on your stomach.
Praying for your son too. An appendectomy is another thing that takes a while to recover from because of the stitches through the muscles of the abdomen, but nowadays they have rehab that helps with that recovery.
Glad you're getting better and we're hearing from you again, but remember - take it slow. We can wait....and so can heaven.
With love.
God bless.

Debby Flowers said...

Kristina, checking here every day.... I so hope you are recovering! Well wishes to you and your family, you have been through so much. Hang in there girl!

Grandma Zee said...

I hope you are feeling better, especially since we have not seen a post for a while. Merry Christmas.