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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Hype about Hemp

I've been looking for something unique to crochet, to add to my stash.  Just in case I build enough up for a craft show one of these winters (ha!). 

I noticed that hemp is the new thread for crocheting dish scrubbies, so I finally got around to getting a few balls of it.

Oh, does it smell too.  Just FYI.  I had it in my bedroom, and it took us a day to figure out what "that smell was."

I crocheted mine somewhat following a free pattern online.  I  also checked stores for the colored hemp (contains chemicals, so I didn't buy it).

I went ahead and simply crocheted the two pieces together, and skipped the extra edging.  Then we gave it a "whirl" at the kitchen sink.

First thing we discovered - water will rinse out green after first use.

Second thing we discovered
- it absorbs water just as cotton does and will become soft to use when wet.  Hence, it works like a dishcloth, not a scrubbie per-say.  I still think the netting scrubbies work better for "scrubbing" vs. these, but take more work to make.   

The plant that produces hemp thread requires zero pesticides to grow.  Cotton on the other hand, in most areas will use pesticides to grow it.  Just a little tidbit I learned, and found interesting.  Also, it's naturally antibacterial. 

Honestly, hemp would make a nice dishcloth perhaps too?


Mama Pea said...

Very interesting that hemp "softens" when wet. Didn't know that.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, you just squeeze out the water like a dishcloth. I was surprised considering it's tough to crochet with.

Katmom said...

Oh My! the things we learn from trail and error... lol!

Kristina said...

Katmom, it cleans, but not the way I thought. I figured the hemp would stay stiff.