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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Oh my gosh!

Mom found these on clearance and texted me if I wanted one.  When I said yes, I had no idea she found two.


Can you believe these are solar?  Adorable!!

Last night Hubby and I played a joke on our 17 year-old.  Her homecoming dress arrived and she left it on the kitchen table as she went out the door for driver's ed.  She had tried it on, loved it, pranced around with it on etc.  I told her to put it away or the dogs would chew it up.  She left it sit, so Hubby and I tore up the bag, tore shreds from an old t-shirt of the same color, and left it on the floor by the table.  When she got home, I filmed her approaching the table as King looked down on the shredded mess.  She said a few words of panic, and slowly picked it up.  Oh, my gosh, funniest thing we ever did to a kid I think.  We all got a good laugh before going to bed.


Susan said...

I bet your daughter will never leave anything important on the table again! I hope King got an extra nibble for his part... I love those roosters! Where are you going to put them?

Kristina said...

Susan, I wanted to put them in the flower beds, but I may put them on the back patio, to enjoy at night on these cool evenings. If...if...if..I can stay awake that long, ha ha!