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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pears ~ Anise ~ Uses for Ginger-Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Butter

The pears are ripening before I want them to, so I canned Pear-Star Anise Butter (Ball recipe).  It's a first time recipe for me.  I can't wait to taste it.

Anise intrigued me, so I started researching it too.
I find it interesting that this, as well as bilberries have shown to give relief to arthritis as well.  Other health benefits can be read here:  Anise Seed Nutrition.

I also read that anise contains an ingredient pharmaceuticals use to make the Tamiflu drug.

It's an interesting article if you have time to read it (link above).  The price of anise could sky rocket if they continue to stock up the drug. 

You can make a tea to gargle or use it to make a throat spray for bad coughs too.  No more Chloraseptic in my house.  Did you know that Chloraseptic is not even supposed to be ingested?  All my childhood I swallowed it, never spit it out.  Yuck. Oh, I am so glad I am reading up on this stuff, but also wish I did this before I started having kids. 

I'm thrilled to have found this information.  I can keep organic anise seed on hand.  I can whip up a tea, make a spray, or use it for cooking too.  

We brought in another 18# of pears, which makes the pear tally over 40#.  I am pretty sure it's safe to say it's time to buy the wine making supplies.

Oh, there are many more pears.  We still need a fruit picker for the trees.  They have been shaking the trees to get them down for now, ha ha!

If you are wondering what to use sweet potato butter on, it's wonderful slathered on a pancake (or waffle).

Of course it's delicious on any bread at breakfast too.  I have some ham in my freezer and want to try it on a ham/cheese sandwich next.

Tomatoes are still rolling inSome plants are dying off, but are loaded with tomatoes. 


Kim said...

I have a boat load of pears as well. I been backing the truck under the tree to make me taller! Hehehe!

Kristina said...

Kim, a small branch of the river behind us, cuts through a corner of our property. We have to cross it to get to our pear trees, but that is a brilliant idea!

Sam I Am...... said...

Oh, I love pears! So much you can do with them too! Did you plant those trees or were they there? The sweet potato butter looks good too and thanks for the info about anise. I sometimes put some in my coffee grounds before I brew it for a different flavor. I also use pumpkin spice, orange zest, ginger, nutmeg, cloves. I just have a Mr.Coffee so I sprinkle it right on the grounds before I brew.
Enjoy your pears!

Susan said...

This was sure the polar opposite of last year! Your pears look wonderful. My tree did not produce one this year - a late spring freeze took care of that.

RB said...

That's interesting about the anise. I'm going to have to try it.
For those who want inexpensive spices, check the international (Hispanic) aisle in the grocery store. I don't know if those are organic, but I do know I got over a dozen packages of bay leaves there for 67 cents each so I could put one in each cabinet and drawer when I was having problems with ants, and it stopped them cold. The bay leaves in the jarred spices were a lot more expensive than that. I couldn't have afforded one package for each cabinet and drawer had I bought those.
Hope everyone's have a great week.
Prayers for a safe one for us all too.
God bless.

Kristina said...

Susan, we didn't get any last year either. I am planning to order a wine making kit today. We'll see. I have more tomatoes.

Kristina said...

Thanks for that tip RB, have a safe and fun week too.

Kristina said...

Sam I am, the pear trees were here, but we planted 3 apple trees, a plum tree, peach tree, and cherry tree since we've lived here.