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Monday, September 26, 2016

Getting through......

The tomatoes will remain on the table today.  I had all sorts of plans to get them into the freezer, make ketchup again, and so forth, but I have no energy and can't sleep on top of that.

Hubby is still hospitalized. 
He had a very mild heart attack.  No rhyme or reason, other than his mother passed away in her early 50's from a heart attack. She wasn't feeling good, never went to the doctor and well....his parents were also smokers.

It was a long 30 minutes for us Sunday night, in which he and I both thought it was indigestion.  Very, very bad indigestion.  We headed to the nearest hospital, but after medications, and such, was ambulanced to a larger one with a heart unit.

There more tests were done, and today his procedure.  I have no idea what they will find, nor do, but they have told us that he most likely will get a stent and fixed up.  We have no idea on when either.  Monday's are super busy, and they can't give a set time, so it's hit or miss today, and he may be home or have to stay in there longer.

I cleaned until last night until I fell asleep, but was awake at 5am. Can't sleep, don't want to exercise, doing laundry, and just want to get back up there with him.

The day the truck hitch broke, I kept wondering if God had a plan that was to prevent us from something else and I just couldn't get it out of my mind.

The kids say "every thing happens for a reason" and it sure feels like it in our case.  Hubby needed the best heart hospital in our area.  This is such a huge surprise to us.  We never, ever, expected it considering how we eat, and avoid processed foods like crazy.  We don't smoke, and so forth.  My kids try to tell me "you have to die sometime" when they want to eat gmo snacks like Doritos (blech), but now their tune to that will change.  What you experience in your entire childhood will affect your life through out.  When parents smoke in their home, the kids smoke too.  In his case, there could be hereditary issues, but his parents smoked a lot.

Thank you all for your prayers.



Kim said...

My prayers are with you and him as well. And praise the Lord for small favors like broken hitches which keep us near the hospital! I know how worried you are but put it in Gods hands, he is good at this kinda thing.

My hubs had a sore throat all day long while we were doing a birthday party which he did not really want to be doing and on the way home that night he said take me to the VA. Long story short his blood work showed he was actively having a heart attack and had been all day long (58). Point of this is that the blessing kept coming for us and they will you to, stress is a major factor. We can't take stress out of our lives but we have to control how it effects us.

Dawn said...

what a blow, I hope they get him fixed up soon so he can come home and you can nurse him better, it is a bit of a wake up call when its so close to home, thinking of you all.

Mama Pea said...

Forget about the food preserving, forget about the other thousand and one homemaking things you do each day. They don't matter. Just support your husband and take care of yourself regardless of what else falls by the wayside. Keep remembering this is one of those bad periods in life that will pass, he will be home recovering quickly (you know he's strong and has been taken care of all the past years by you very, VERY well) and things will return to normal. Then you can have your collapse! Seriously, we're all sending our thoughts for quick healing and lots of support for you. Hugs.

Tracy dixon said...

Praying for your husband and the family.

local alien said...

Your health is most important. If you have good health you can do anything. You got to the hospital in time. All will be well. Look after your loved ones and yourself. Forget the rest! Prayers for you all.

Susan said...

What Mama Pea said. We are pulling for your Hubs and you. Be sure to take care of yourself, too, Kristina. Hope he's home soon.

Sam I Am...... said...

All the healthy cooking and eating is great but there are some things that are simply out of our control. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

RB said...

Continuing in prayer for your hubby, and for those who love him.
God does have a way of blocking open ways and making blocked ways open, if it is for His will and our benefit.
Praise and thank God.
God bless.