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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Early Spring? Coffee Cup Cup Coaster

The weather has turned a gorgeous warm spring week.  I know rain is on the way though.

I stole a few minutes of morning porch time after washing three days of dirty dishes.  Yeah, you heard me right.  With the kids working, one in school, and one sick, it was not on the urgent list.

Youngest continued to sleep, along with the puppies, so I stole a few more minutes out in the fresh air.  It was beautiful out and I felt like poo.  I needed to refresh.

Refreshing myself can get me off track of my projects.  I kind of think I need 3 or 4 going on at the same time anyway.  That way I can switch it up.  I decided to only make new cup coasters to match the new seat cushions.  I'm not making placemats this time.  I decided to use the Robin's Egg color of yarn to whip up a coffee cup cup coaster.  By the way, I just googled for the pattern.  There are several free patterns for this online.

What do you think?  It looks bigger in the photo, but it's because it's up on the table above the chair.  My 19 year-old eye-spied it and came running to the porch with it smiling. "Mom I love this!  Can you make me about 4 for my hope chest?  It's way too cute!"

The girls were fighting over the one coaster I made, so I believe I'll try to whip up a few more for the table when I can.

While sitting on the porch soaking in nature, my friend's husband pulled into the drive.  He said he saw a sick raccoon around the other side of my big barn and offered to take care of it.  By the time he got around the barn, the coon was gone.  Hubby and I set a trap that-a-way last night.  We can't have a sick raccoon around with free range chickens and our dogs. Heck, I was walking puppies over there yesterday.

I managed to get one load of laundry out to the clothesline.  I would be a fool to pass up an excellent drying day.   And because I hardly did anything besides a mountain of dirty dishes, I made notes for what to get done in the next two days.  

It's way to wet to till the garden (phooey).  

Youngest finally woke up and ate some applesauce.  By 2pm, her fever was down enough for her to take a shower.  I'm sure it made her feel better, but she retired right back to the couch with new sheets and pillow covers to keep the germs from spreading.  

The washing machine has been churning since 6:30am.  I best get the bedding on the line before rain decides to arrive.  Looks like our temps will rise to the 70's by next week.  I already have plans for my rainy days (cleaning jobs I've been putting off).  

Have a good day!


Dawn said...

I hope you are not coming down with the bug, lovely little coaster they are going to keep you busy :-)

Mama Pea said...

Ha! Just because your day yesterday wasn't a day when you got your usual 4,076 tasks completed (!) doesn't mean you didn't accomplish quite a bit. Those three days of dishes would have put be down and out alone! Plus having the sick one to care for and worry about is a full-time job. Hope you're back to feeling fine today.

Your crochet work is, of course, delightful!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Dawn, I really felt super fatigue and nausea yesterday, but today I am much better. Thanks.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, my sick kiddo is still pretty sick. I don't recall her ever being this sick before. Yes, those dishes got to me, so I went to rest on the porch. I'm feeling much better today, so I'm glad I let thing go yesterday. I love the cup coaster too. Some days I like to humor myself, ha ha! I think Hubby gets a kick out of seeing fun things like that. He's all for having them on the kitchen table.

Kim said...

I love the coaster, how cute is that! Taking care of yourself during the sickness in your home is top priority so sit and relax when you can I know from experience that those dust bunnies won't go any where!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, thanks. I took time today on the porch. After laundry was done.

RB said...

Glad to hear your daughter is doing a bit better. Might take some time to get her stamina back. Beef and good rich beef broth is good for that.
The coaster is adorable. I bet you could sell them easily. I saw a pattern for a teapot cozy earlier today, and I thought of you when I saw it. I'll send it on to you if I can find your email addy.
I hope you get the coon. Sick animals are nothing to fool with. I remember when I was a child, a skunk came walking up the driveway. Dad saw it and went out to chase it away. It wasn't afraid of him at all. So he got a rifle and put it down. He said it wasn't normal for a skunk not to run, and having lived to be my age, I know he was right.
Prayers for a safe happy weekend for everyone.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, my email should be in my info on here.