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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sick Kiddo

Our youngest daughter is back from her D.C. class trip.  However, she came home sick.  Sunday morning her temperature rose to 102.7.  

I quickly heated a cup of herbal tea with herb infused honey (which has been a lifesaver for her throat and keeping her hydrated).

In a short time she was sleeping and her fever reduced.  While she slept, I whipped up some homemade ginger-ale syrup, and sent the Hubster to town for club soda.

However, her fever rose to 103.4° later Sunday night, and we were able to reduce it.  She has not been able to eat, and Monday morning she remained to have a temperature (102°)

Trust me, I am pulling out all my tricks too - oil/tea tree oil on her feet, vapor rub on her chest, cold packs on her neck, and hot water bottle on her tummy.  So far it's prevented vomiting, keeping her liquids in, thankfully.  However, she ate one cracker between Saturday night and Monday morning.  She could not even eat a frozen fruit juice bar.

Off to the "big city" we went to see a doctor.  Back home with medications for strep, but she also has signs of flu.  Go figure.   It took two trips to town, as she was too sick to wait in the car for medications.  You kind of realize the reality of a widespread illness, when the doctor enters the room with a face mask on.

She won't be back in school until Thursday.   It's a good thing.  She was finally able to eat sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes Monday evening.  I have a jar of home canned applesauce cooling in the fridge for her too.

Tiger (aka Dr. Tiggles) is on TLC patrol.  He's been curled up by her side, providing love, and healing.  His ears are back, as if he was telling me to leave them alone, ha ha!

This morning she is still running a fever - day 3.  

As for me, I won't lie.  It's been exhausting caring for a such a sick kiddo, and the pups. After 24 hours on medication, I am hoping she'll make a turn around. 

In the meantime, I'm gonna need a nap.


Dawn said...

Sick kids it really drains you, hope she turns round soon and make sure you look after yourself as well, if you get run down you will be needing the sick bed

Kim said...

it seems they always get sick after one of those trips. Hope things turn around soon and yes take that nap and take care of yourself or you will be next.

Mama Pea said...

Yes, exhausting and, for sure, no fun at all when you have a kiddo that sick. My daughter has had swollen glands and a bad, bad sore throat (no fever though), and deep cough since a week ago yesterday. She, too, finally went into the Clinic yesterday and they say no strep (thankfully), but probably still problems from the sinus infection she had a while back. There really is a LOT of illness going around this winter. Ugh. Take care of your little sick one. AND yourself!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Dawn, I agree, I was starting to feel like I was dragging myself around.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, thanks. I didn't get a nap, but I did get some porch time and fresh air.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I was hoping she'd bounce right back, but even today she's not too much better. I hope your daughter gets better. When I have swollen lymph nodes, I get some relief from making hot tea from ginger root.

Susan said...

And be sure to take care of yourself, too! There is so much going around - sounds like you have it under control. Now it will just take time and rest.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I did take some time on the porch while daughter slept. I felt kind of off yesterday.

RB said...

Lots of weird things going around. Did you try the White Diet - dry toast, plain rice, etc.
Also, if someone was vomiting and couldn't keep down at least a tablespoon of Gatorade, off to the doctor they went.
Prayers everyone is getting lots of fluid and rest, and is doing better.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, that's what I told Hubby - if she can keep a tablespoon of liquid down, she might be okay, but her fever would not go away. They gave her one medication to prevent vomiting, and one for the bacterial infection.