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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Random Tidbits

The lack of snow, and abundance of sunshine is being enjoyed here at the homestead.  The ladies and Sparta are getting much needed dirt baths, exercise, grit, and sunshine.  Watching them roam about, makes this gal smile.

I am slowly restocking the freezer.  I made a batch of homemade meatballs, using 1/3 of them for dinner and putting the rest in the freezer.   I joked to Hubby, that when all the kids move out, one batch of these meatballs will last us a year.

I have been dumping a 1/2 pint of corn relish into cooked green beans here lately.  With half of the family, and two of them who moved back in, it's easier than trying to make two batches of (however much missed by me) bacon grease beans and one batch for vegetarians.  

This has prompted me to purchase organic bacon anyway, and will make the meat lovers here a crock pot of bacon/BBQ green beans.  We can side them with most anything.

I made another trip to the library, bringing home many books.  I'm looking for a "brain booster" tea now.  One with ingredients I can grow and can obtain easily, and of course organic.   I don't have a ginkgo tree, nor want one either.  The nuts would just as difficult as my blank walnut tree I think.

I got absolutely no cleaning done yesterday, but I did deliver Dad some meals 

I have two kiddos feeling slightly poorly.  I am hearing so many folks are getting the flu, so we are using our anti-ill essential oil spray a lot.  I still have concentrate, so I have not had the need to make it myself (yet).

Woke up to rain today.  Pouring down rain.  It's a good day to tackle another cleaning area. 

Or not.

I thought I was down to washing down walls and my pie safe, but I totally forgot about my utility/everything room.


Mama Pea said...

You sure are a good mama to take into consideration your vegetarian kiddos when preparing meals. For the 15 years we were vegetarian, at least it was all of us which made cooking much simpler than you have it.

When you get your "brain booster" tea perfected, can I have a gallon of it? ;o]

Sam I Am...... said...

It's wet and cold here after high 60's and low 70's and it rained and then snowed (a dusting) this morning. It is good weather for cleaning inside. I did my hallway yesterday and went through a bunch of books. It's hard to get organic down here and right after Walmart started carrying some they stopped. I asked and they said there wann't enough of a demand.....I believe it. The South is not famous for healthy eating. Have a good day!

Susan said...

That corn relish looks so good, Kristina! However, I am firmly in the bacon grease camp. So to speak.

Rain said...

The corn relish looks good, I remember having that years ago on hamburgers. Oh, I finally got a canner! Water bath canner for my bday last weekend. Now I can stock my freezer and use the canner, well, as soon as spring rolls around and I have something to can! :) Another ice storm for us. Today was spent cooking, splitting wood, preparing the fireplace, recharging laptops and phones and getting candles and blankets ready. It's currently freezing rain turning over to snow and once again, I'm a little scared that we'll lose power and heat. But we are as prepared as we can get! Housecleaning can wait :)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, ha ha! I just hope the tea works when I do get it made. I keep forgetting stuff here lately.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I Am, when I go into town I do not go to Wal-mart because they stopped carrying organic anything it seems. They don't even sell organic coffee like they used to, and put in those cup machine coffee things. Glad you got some cleaning done too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I do like green beans and bacon grease. Hubby too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, that is great that you got a canner! How fun! Stocking up will be a snap now. Glad you had the thought to prepare for the storm.

RB said...

Sun shining today for the first time in a few days. We weathered the storm well here at our house in Central NC, but others didn't do as well. So much rain along with high winds saturated the soil and took down a lot of trees. There were also several tornadoes through the state too. Even now, the winds are higher than normal. So odd.
Washing cat blankets today. We have 3 sets for all the furniture, and I rotate them, washing a set each day to keep the fur and dander down. I like to hang them outside, but a tree limb took the clothesline down, so we'll have to work on getting another one up.
Prayers everyone has a great safe weekend.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, glad you made it through that storm okay. I was just thinking the other day I haven't washed cat blankets in a while.