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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, February 25, 2016

How my Mind Works ~ Think "give a Mom a muffin"

The day I delivered my 84 year-old Dad some home cooked meals, I gave myself a reason to visit two stores while in town. 

Pssst!  You're gonna need a cup of something to sip and read through this today, ha ha!

I went straight in, bought what I needed, and headed for the front of the store.  I was in the last store before returning home.

I raced down the aisle, hoping the speed would burn more calories, but came to a halt.  The clearance shelves.  Yikes!
There in front of me was a beautiful kitchen rug.  The kind you put in front of your sink.

It had a rooster on it.  Marked down to $3.75.  Without hesitation, it went into the cart, I put my blinders on and went to the register.

Back home, I put the rug down and where the family cooed over it.  They love it too.  

I love the blue with the rooster, and funny thing is, I have a small rooster sign on my very sparse wall space with a blue background behind the rooster, so the wheels churned.

So I went about my business yesterday, and completely emptied my pie safe (aka storage space for my small kitchen appliances).  I dusted and purged and filled a box for the thrift, with many "why did I buy it's" in the box.  I sneezed, coughed, and put what I really used back in, then sat down to sip a cup of mullein tea to ward off those allergies.

My 19 year-old daughter started her job yesterday (which she loves) and came home just about my tea time.  Later she said how much she really liked the colors in the rug, and added "hey, that's the colors you should use for the new chair covers."

I dug through my yarn stash, which is a complete mess right now, and pulled out yarns we both thought would look nice.

I removed one of the old covers (not very old either), and tried out a new one, to give the colors a whirl.

Yes, this not-so brainy gal, stayed up until 10pm just to finish it.  I was on a mission.  And no, I did not get one granny square made either, but I did get some yellow flowers started.

So.  What do you think of the new colors?  I have many kitchen towels with either redwork and roosters/chickens, or towels with blue combined with roosters, and I have a blue ceramic rooster in one window.  And a blue background on a rooster plate mounted on the wall above my aprons.  I really think I like it.

The bad part?  I have another project going on.

The good part?  I have almost completed the deep cleaning.  I have one large utility room to tackle yet.  The garage has to wait.  The other good part?  I found my coffee thermos in the pie safe.  I actually found three, but I'm only keeping one.  I used it for a Mom's group way back in the day when I had kids under the age six.  Now Hubby and I can take coffee to the porch for breakfast, and not have to keep going in for warm-ups.  I also found where I had stored all my flower vases and my entertaining platters for hosting a gathering.  I'm telling all the kids, in case I forget (again).

I'll have to rotate crochet/knitting projects now, but I don't really mind that.  I was really disliking the baby blanket the other day.  A change was nice.


Susan said...

I love that rug! I can't believe it was only $3.75 - what a deal! The colors on your 'new' chair covers are perfect with that rug. It was meant to be. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is to put aside a project that is driving us crazy and do something fun and unexpected.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, I just love it too. It was a relief to be working on some other project too.

Sam I Am...... said...

You were meant to have that rug! I love the colors and your chair pads look great with it! I think it's interesting how one "piece" like your new rug for $3.75 (what a deal!) sets the tone for the whole room. You're a decorator extraodinaire! (not sure about the spelling on that last word). LOL! You go girl!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you Sam I Am, it's one of those pieces in the kitchen that makes me smile.

mommar6 said...

Love the chair cover. Please post a picture on the chairs when you put them in. I'd love to see.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

mommar6 they will go on the chairs you see in the post here. I just have to add ties.

RB said...

Funny how things work out sometime, isn't it. LOL
Prayers everyone has a safe happy weekend.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks RB