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Monday, February 8, 2016

Homestead Happenings ~ Rag Rug Using Old Sheets

Saturday we has a long list of chores - inside and out.  Wood needed restocked, bathrooms cleaned top to bottom (dusting included), recycling taken out, a trip to donate items to the thrift, and much more. 

I wanted some "fun" time on Sunday, so I put a limit on my deep cleaning, but 9 sconces (light fixtures) were taken down and scrubbed clean.  I have 8 more on ceiling fans, and then I move to the kitchen light fixtures.  It's such a relief to get that sort of cleaning done.

In the process of the master bath, I pulled the rugs to wash, and once again realized one rug needed replaced.  I went into my garage in hope to find a tote of fabric, but found more old denim materials instead.  

Back to my closet I found a basket of rag balls and started (and finished) a rag rug for the shower.  It ended up looking so spring-like

I have no rhyme to the colors in the master bath either.  What ever rug is made, just goes in there.  I really like the colors in this rug.

 Heavy thinking on Sunday later turned into some thriller time.

This is one book I picked up at a used book store. My Aunt and I used to exchange books often, and this was one of the authors.



Sam I Am...... said...

Love your rag rugs. What material do you use? Old Sheets? Or do you use old clothing too? I took Sunday off for the most part and finished that pair of finger less mitts for my son finally and hunted down some older needlework projects I need to finish. Your first book looks interesting...let me know how you like it. I watched the Superbowl until Downton Abbey came on then switched back while I crocheted that blanket I've been working on...almost done unless I do an edging. So nice to hear about your "chores" as it always motivates me!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I am, right now my rag balls are all made from old sheets. I cut them into strips, then sew them together for larger balls of rags. The rugs seem to last a good long time. I am also crocheting rugs with cotton yarn scraps, but need two of them yet. That first book suggests you read one chapter a day and "think" on it. It will take 40 days to finish it that way.

Mama Pea said...

The new rag rug does really look like spring time! Ones like that do go with any "decor" and are oh-so practical to have.

Your deep cleaning puts me to shame. Come real spring time, you will have all your spring cleaning done!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I find that when I read a book during the day, it makes me feel lazy, so I have to balance it out with "feel good" cleaning, ha ha!

Susan said...

I think, if I did deep cleaning in my bathrooms and washed my light fixtures, my house would collapse from the shock! That said, I did tackle the dust bats (those near the ceiling...) this weekend, and cleaned my DR floor for the fourth time this week. I love how you can just whip up a rug on a weekend - you are amazing!

Rain said...

I had a "heavy thinking" Sunday myself which brought me a brand new perspective on life and really brought me happiness, we all need that once in a while! Today is all about the home and pets again though. Trying to rig my garbage can so that it's husky-proof!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, thankfully last year I took rainy days to sew the strips and roll into rag balls. I keep looking at the light fixtures in the kitchen and am contemplating. Maybe I'll tackle those this week too.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Rain, I had to laugh about the garbage can. Our puppies get into ours and it's under a kitchen cupboard. We are going to finally put that door on for it (hopefully soon).

Kim said...

I am checking the library right now for that book. I have read a purpose driven life. In fact I think I have it on tape. I really like that coffee cup. I worked on rag balls all weekend.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, that's funny you worked on rag balls. I do think they come in handy. The mug is a pink ribbon mug. I like it because it holds more coffee/tea, ha ha!

RB said...

Never thought of using old sheets to make rag rugs, but they'd be good. The only stipulation I remember from long ago had to do with fabrics chosen as all within one project had to have the same wash and dry needs, or they'd wash and dry unevenly possibly causing the rug to pucker and become unsafe to use.
My favorite spiritual writer through the years has been Frank Peretti. One of his books that I'd recommend for all preteen and teenaged girls is "Tillie". It's a very thought-provoking story about unwanted children that might serve to give a girl nearing child-baring age serious thoughts about choices she might be getting ready to make.
My favorite mystery author has become Janet Evanovich. The stories are involved and interesting, and her various sidekicks and assistants turn out to be hilarious, so if you ever run across any of her books thrift, I'd recommend them.
We're having a typical NC winter here - sunny one moment, raining the next, slight snow showers after that, starting all over again. Yesterday we had all three in a row twice before noon. The sun would come out, the dog would get excited to go out, and by the time we'd get to the door, it'd be raining or snowing and he wouldn't go out. It was funny, but a bit sad for him. He's terrified of storms so he doesn't trust rain.
I pray safe happy days for everyone.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, I do have to use the same sort of materials in the rugs. So far, all the ones I have made and used with sheets are holding up after each wash.

RB said...

That was the only stipulation I remember from our two Grannies who made these rugs out of rags.
I've also made one out of plastic grocery bags, sorted by color and then cut into strips about 2x10" for the front porch. It worked well too.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, if I have time, I think I will use up the last of my rag balls and make one more rug (to have already made and ready when needed).