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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back to Work ~ New Recipes ~ Granny Squares

Monday it was back to work.  The chicken coop needed a good cleaning, along with all my regular house chores.  

Sparta and the ladies had a grand day outside.  The sun was out for the most part.

I had some dinner prep to do early too - BBQ chicken in the crock pot, boiled red potatoes, fresh peppers for a delicious herbed potato salad. Oh, and boiled eggs for topping the salad.

I also made a new cookie recipe.  More on that tomorrow.  Sadly, three new recipes were tried total, and not one was from my recipe pile.  Two however, came from magazines I was able to read on the drive home over the weekend, so that was an accomplishment.

Update:  Daughter did not get the job at the kennel.  However, she has another job interview lined up, it's just not animal care related.   However, it will pay a lot more if she gets this next one. 

(salad before I topped it with boiled egg - made with tarragon, basil and dill)

This herbed potato salad (Taste of Home/Country Woman Magazine)was absolutely wonderful!

I made a few changes for it though - used shredded regular cheddar cheese (not reduced fat cubes), used a non-gmo/organic mayo (you could make your own too), and I simply chopped some home canned dill pickles for it.


I don't have enough of the pink ones yet.  I think I may only need 26 more now.   I really should do a re-count today.  I've been sewing in my ends after each square (learned my lesson a long time ago on that job).  It takes me about 26 minutes to complete one from beginning to end.

That means after 96 of these pink/green ones are done, I'll have put just shy of 42 hours of work into the blanket.

Today the weather here is said to be as warm at the upper 50's.  It's a good day to put laundry outside.


Kim said...

The potato salad look yummy. I am sorry about daughters kennel job but still got my fingers crossed on the next one. I also have laundry about ready to go out.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Kim, I think this next job pays $3 more an hour.

Susan said...

I love potato salad - at any time of the year. That looks really, really good. I know what you mean about weaving ends in as you go - I can't imagine being faced with that many ends at the end of the project! Can't wait to see it all assembled - it will be lovely! Best of luck to your daughter (fingers and toes crossed).

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, the potato salad will be wonderful this summer, with fresh herbs growing in my herb garden. I had to buy fresh dill and tarragon to make it. Interview went well, so it's sit and wait for now.

Mama Pea said...

Good looking food you concocted there! Sorry the kennel job for your daughter didn't come through but getting another job that pays better will probably be better in the long run.

Isn't it amazing just how many hours we put into handwork projects? If we didn't love doing it so much, it would never happen. Or maybe it would never happen if we knew at the start how long it would take! ;o]

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I'm not one to keep track of my hours on a project, but when I read the pattern book it said you could make 2 squares in 30 minutes. I wanted to test that fact out. I'm not a slow crocheter either.