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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, November 13, 2015

Rain and Drizzle

Not much going on in the way of gettin' things done for winter here.  Although wood stoves are getting looked at.  We now have a bag of cherry pits to try in our pellet stove, and see how those heat this winter.

It's been raining and mostly drizzle in our parts.  The wind arrived in full force, which I am happy to see, as it will dry out the ground and the porch furniture I need to put away yet.

The folks here, under the weather at our homestead, including myself, are sipping hot medicinal herbal teas, taking hot baths with tea tree oil, and so forth.  I am taking my fire cider in a glass of organic tomato juice.  It's pretty good that way too.  I have not attempted to take it straight.  I myself will be brewing some hot ginger tea this morning.

We've been eating good food, with a good protein balance, and although I have not loaded my photo to the computer (yet), I finally made maple/mustard crusted cod on a bed of spinach and green onion.  I have not made that recipe for a long time.  The green onion actually came straight from the herb garden.  The weather has been that strange this fall.

I should be doing some handiwork, but my writing has gotten in the way, ha ha!  That's a first, but a good one I guess.

I took a drive to the big city and stopped at the dog shelter.  I looked at one dog that caught my eye, but came home without.  There is another promising adoption, which I did not plan for at all, so we'll check back on it next week. 

This time of year, we find ourselves having discussions about possibilities here at the homestead - raising rabbits for meat, building a new coop and run, removing carpet, building the root cellar, etc.  Milk cow?  Beef cow?  Alpaca?  It's fun dreaming up possibilities.  Now we are discussing our options of getting enough corn grown to feed the chickens vs. buying organic chicken feed.  In our parts, the cost is about $32.00/50 lb. bag.  

The wind is still in full force this morning, so I'm glad we decided the camper was put up for winter now.  Halloween totes were purged and put away, and the desktop is now clutter free (again).  I have a few boxes of items to drop at the thrift to donate too.  Much of our winter prep remains, but I'll not (try not to) worry, and simply pray we get it all done.




Mama Pea said...

Must indeed be the time of year . . . we, too, have been having a lot of discussion as to animals we want to/need/should/could add to our little homestead. Raise a couple of pigs next summer? We're definitely getting back into geese and ducks for the meat. Dairy animals? A couple of lambs to keep the "too much" lawn mowed down and put in the freezer come fall? The list goes on and on including that list of repairing, remodeling and building structures. Do we ever get done? Nope, so best to enjoy the journey, right?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, it is fun tossing around the thoughts, and even more fun to do some of them. Nope, we're never "done" ha ha!

Liz said...

We are tossing around a few ideas for next year too! Meatbirds for sure, but looking into starting some grass fed steers. We had all of that wind and rain for a couple of days. Still better than snow!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Liz, that is great that you at considering raising steer and meatbirds.