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Monday, May 18, 2015

Sunday Fun! Babysitting

Smack in the middle of our very humid Sunday, was the school's art festival.  We attended, and so did the kid's Grandma (Mom).

First we walked around and looked at the art.  They did some amazing work.  One project I will have to photograph later, as I did not even see it (it was that busy, and big).

Youngest had a painting and a sculpture entered.  Her hand had to hold something she liked or enjoyed.  Her hand is holding makeup, ha ha! Youngest was a bit sad she did not earn a ribbon, but she has many years ahead yet.

 Our 15 year-old (10th grade), made this hand drawing which was then painted (Evil Queen from the show Once Upon a Time) - 2nd place ribbon for the school's art show.  She has fake jewels glued to it too.

Our 18 year-old (12th grade) did this hand drawing/painting of a flower - two ribbons, one 2nd place ribbon from a 5-county art show and a 3rd place ribbon from the local school's art show.

She also did this amazing hand drawing, which includes a painting technique as well.  It earned Best of show at a 5-county art show, and 1st place ribbon.  It also earned her a Best of show on Sunday at the school's art show, and another 1st place ribbon.  

We are pretty proud of their hard work, but that's not all.  The entertainment was the school band and choir.  Our 15 year-old preformed a solo.  She did wonderful!

It was nice to get into the air conditioning, and out of the thick humidity for the day.  

The night did not end after that.  I got a text from my oldest daughter.  Could she bring her new dog for a visit?  The first thing I texted back was "do you have an apartment?"  Yes, she was "looking" at one soon.  So yes on the dog, and no on the apartment.  Then she sends a text, "can I bring her by to show you?"  

So, she comes by with the dog.  And stays.  Overnight.  And asks me "can you babysit her tomorrow, I have to work 11am to 7pm?"

Imagine my demise, and how she worked this all out.  It will be interesting if I am still married after today.  Hubby left to go picket and he was not a happy man about this.  If the dog does not work out, she can take her back (thankfully).  However, she gets along with our oldest dog Alias, and it's Jesse who doesn't want her here.  She is like a toddler that just learned to walk - bouncing everywhere with energy.  Oh...I am so much in trouble for this.  I just know it.

We'll be offering assistance to get that apartment and ASAP.  If she keeps her, I'll share photos.  She's part German Sheppard, and part wolf (9 months old).  I read that wolf bred dogs are not a good pet to have.  My concerns are it will need a lot of space to roam, and it may eat my chickens while it's at my place.  I could be wrong, but she loves to go after rabbits I'm told.  I'm also told they go into their wolf instincts later in life, and are less likely to listen to commands, and that they like to mark their territory.  The last thing I need is a dog peeing in the house.  So far, all this dog wants to do is play.

Say a prayer I don't get divorced for this mess.  I don't have a fenced in dog area here either.  I'll babysit today (her boyfriend is out of town), but she better have an apartment secured, or I may be in big trouble.  Mom's are the one's to blame when things go like this.

Today it's 86% humidity, but it will taper off later.  More rain possible, so I'll dodge the spurts we get and try getting some tomatoes in the ground.


Susan said...

My goodness! What a family of artists! Congratulations to all - there is some great art there. As to the dog, it doesn't sound like the best choice for an apartment dog. A large dog, not to mention the wolf part, needs lots of space and exercise. Maybe she could find something smaller? It might also be a problem when apartment shopping. And I think your marriage will survive the granddog -- what would he do without you??? :)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, my thoughts exactly. She misses Sadie, but sheesh. At least there is a possibly apartment to go look at, and it is near a large park for walking and playing. And it's near the college of her choice (finally she's picked a college, but I have no idea on her major yet).

Carolyn said...

OMGosh, your kids are sooo talented! Beautiful work :)
And as for the dog....well, if you don't post in a while, we'll know your husband kicked you (and the dog) out!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks Carolyn! As for the dog, well...she is still here. And so am I, ha ha!

Sam I Am...... said...

I'm reading your posts backwards catching up. I have "raised" several dogs as a result of my children getting animals and then finding out they couldn't have them in their apartment. Most apartments do not look fondly on pets and you can't really blame them. I say that they (my kids and yours) need to learn to take care of themselves and live independently before they start committing to anyone else...animals or people. Sorry, but if you already have to "babysit" for a dog....I can see why hubby was mad. She needs to give the dog back and visit yours if she needs an animal fix. Just like people,,,,you really can't replace one with another.

Sam I Am...... said...

How could I forget the beautiful artwork? Your children are REALLY talented! I think the dog issue hit a sensitive spot with me....been there done that! LOL!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I am, we do love our daughter, and want her to do the right thing. We feel going to college and working all the time will be too much to have a dog. Thanks for the comment on the art too.

RB said...

I don't believe all dog/wolves revert back. Have had a friend that will have no other dogs, and they've never turned on him.
On the other hand, had friends that had a Malmute which is part husky, part wolf, and they were always very careful the dog never got the taste or scent of blood, because they said they'd read that might turn 'em. So who knows.
Praying your daughter's dog is a good one. Sounds like you've got quite a manipulator there, one you might need to stay Alpha for so you're the leader and not she. LOL
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, we know the dog likes to chase rabbits. She has tried to get into my other daughter's room to eat our pet rabbit.

RB said...

Oh dear. We know our dog, a Walker's Hound, would probably tear apart small animals too. They were bred to hunt foxes in England, and those genes are very strong in him which is why he's never off a leash or out of his cabin or fencing.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

She still has the dog, but knows I can't babysit it anymore.