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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rainy Day(s) Advantage

I haven't posted lately.  Why?  I walked into my bedroom closet.  Once I went in, there was no coming out until it was cleaned up, swept and organized.  I filled two boxes to donate, and filled one garbage bag.  I just never had time to get back in there.  Hubby joked, "should I just back the truck up?"

Now that another kiddo is graduating soon (with honors, said in a proud Mommy voice), I'll have less needs for art supplies.  The kids can come home from school, and ask for the strangest items, so I have kept an odd assortment of supplies.

The only person privy to the before photos was my mother.  She understands.   Once it was completely done, I heard Hubby from the kitchen, "Hey, there's a floor in this closet!"  and "Someone stole half the bedroom!"  He just thinks he's funny, but he has some cleaning to do too.

Gardening can do that to you - abandon the indoor chores.

More rain is coming, so more is getting cleaned and organized (once again).

Meanwhile, I'll patiently wait for a dry slot in the day(s) ahead, to plant the last 77 tomato plants, several Hungarian wax peppers, and some Serrano pepper plants.


Mama Pea said...

We had half a day of sunshine yesterday but other than that it's been nothing but rain, rain, rain.

Someone who shall remain nameless (my daughter -- ahem) had a huge walk-in closet which she dubbed the "walk-on" closet because the actual floor was rarely seen!

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, it's so hot and humid today, with more rain to come. I had to laugh at the closet comment, ha ha! Our 15 year-old said, "there's a floor in there?"

EMMA said...

haha - your hubby has a great sense of humor!!
do you ever rest?

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Haha! I know what you mean...
I have some jammed packed closets.
Lets see... in this old house, I only have 2 original closets in the whole house. 1 that was built by us... 2 if you count the water heater closet.
Holding out for a Hot water on demand...
Once that water heater is out of there.. I have another closet for more stuff!!!!
Lol... just kidding. They all need cleaning.
Let's not even talk about the attic!
Anyway-- enjoy your rainy day progress.

We're having a little of that lately too.

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Been there, done that! Hope your closet looks pretty now!

Kristina said...

Emma, he is pretty funny some days. I do try to rest, but that ends quickly some days.

Kristina said...

Patricia, I guess I should be glad I don't have an attic, ha ha. I'd have that filled up too, until the kids all move out.

Kristina said...

Thanks Maryjane! I'm really enjoying the new clean and organized look.

Unknown said...

I'm deep cleaning too, with a LOT more to come! We tend to store things, but now we're deciding what stays and goes... no more storing :)

My Garden Diaries said...

So glad you got that big job done! I know how that goes...but it always feels so good to bag up stuff and donate. I hope the rain backs off a bit so you can get planting! Have a great week friend and congrats to your kiddo for doing so well in school! Nicole xoxo

Kristina said...

Nancy po, that's what we'll be doing with the garage soon.

Kristina said...

Thanks Nicole, the kids did pretty well this year.

Sam I Am...... said...

Wow! I don't have half your responsibilities and I still don't get all that done! Good for you...that's exactly why I need to read your make me feel guilty and I get going! LOL!

Kristina said...

Sam I am, it seemed like I'd never get it cleaned. There was always another job to do.