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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Slip Sliding ~ Spreadable Butter and other Terrific Tidbits

Getting to the barn and back, and out there and back again, was no easy task yesterday.  We woke up to frigid temperatures after being spoiled rotten with warm weather. 

However, all that half melted slush, froze, and muck boots don't have spikes on the bottom.  It took everything I had, to get back with the eggs and not fall (and break any or break something on me). 

I've wanted to make a spreadable butter for a while, and finally got the time to make it.

Especially after last winter, getting butter to spread was difficult.  It was cold enough in the kitchen to keep it as if it were refrigerated.

I chose a recipe I found online, and adapted it with organic ingredients. 

I used my electric hand mixer to blend it, but my non-electric hand mixer would have worked too.

I put some in my small glass butter dish, and the rest in canning jars.  I tried this out on a grilled tuna (mixed in with some home canned relish) and swiss cheese sandwich for lunch.  Delicious.

It's another cold day here.  That's okay with me, I need February to slow down now. 

I'm lacking in reading my current book.  I did however, get some handiwork done last night.   With recent events around here, reading is the last thing on my mind.

We seem to have another (a milder event) late night, cat food robbing raccoon.  I saw Jasper staring out the door, so I flipped on the outside light and there he/she was.  Hm.  It ran off, but later in the night when I wanted to let a dog out, it was back (even though the water was frozen and the food bowls empty).  The old big barn can't come down soon enough.  I'm sure that's where he/she is slumming out.  It's pretty big too. 

So, I thought Hubby would be having the worst day story, but now it's Oldest Daughter.  On her birthday, she found out the tires on her car have dry rot.  She's told they were surprised she even made it in to get her oil changed.  Literally.  Most likely from her car sitting while she was in boot camp/training, and us not driving it (if I had known, I would have driven it once a week, but....)

When Hubby got home from picketing (they did strike, so his entire week is gloomy), he thought I was nuts.  So, he went out and checked her tires.  Sure enough, she cannot drive her car until she buys new tires. 

With the high cost of recent pet costs, she is flat broke.  She can't go to work without a car, and I can't drive her until Hubby repairs his truck and gives me my car back. Who wants to crawl under a truck when it feels like it's in the teens to fix it?

If you have been wondering how Oldest Daughter has been doing since she lost two pets within two days, you now know.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel, right? We're trying to get there anyway. 


Mama Pea said...

Gosh, we're having an easy-peasy winter compared to the frozen ruts and slush you're having to deal with. Very little snow with ice underneath that we have to remember to think about when we go out.

Your dear daughter has really had it rough lately. Just another "vehicle" problem added to your family's growing list. Ugh.

Such a terrible time for your hubby's employment to be on strike. My heart hurts for you good people. Hugs.

Susan said...

Why is it that bad things always come in bunches, when good things come one at a time? I think you all are due for a bunch of good things. Is there anywhere your daughter can get some serviceable used tires? They may keep her safe enough until she can save up for new ones. I know that tires are expensive! My favorite Midas has a credit deal - it's a $1000 maximum with no interest if you pay it back in a year. That has saved my bacon a few times.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, that frozen tundra is still that way today, so it's a slow and careful trip to the barn and back. When it melts it will be a big mess. Thanks for the hugs. We do need it.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, thanks for that tip, I tell Hubby and Daughter. Thanks.

RB said...

I remember driving many miles to work on frozen slush when I lived up north. It was nerve wracking cause the slush kept trying to jerk the steering wheel out of your car to make the car go its way instead of the way you needed it to go, so you'd hang on for dear life, with the wheels almost jerking your shoulders out of their sockets. Was a relief to get where I was headed and for the slush to melt.
About the tires, we've been in that position a time or two and bought used tires, just to tide us over til we saved enough money for some new ones.
About the coon, yeah - never leave food out at night or you'll have coons, skunks, etc. right up to your doorstep, dragging whatever vermin and bacteria they might be carrying right along with them.
About the barn, maybe the local fire department would do a controlled burn of it, for practice?
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, walking in that frozen stuff is terrible. Like driving, I slip on frozen foot prints and other deep ridges.

RB said...

I'm accident prone/clumsy. I have trouble walking from one side of the living room to the other without stumbling. Always been that way. :-p
Be careful up there.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, we are getting another storm today and tonight, so it will be interesting if I can even get the barn door open. Hopefully a layer of snow will cover all that slippery ice out there.

RB said...

I know what you're saying about getting the barn door open. Before our parents put on the garage, snow would drift up the side of the house the side door was on. Once it was so bad, we couldn't open it, and out mother insisted on pushing me and sister #2 out the living room window to go around and shovel it clear, just in case there was a fire, she said. It was miserable out and I asked, "If there's a fire, why can't we all go out this window then?" I got smacked, went out the window and shoveled. Was the oddest thing, I thought.
God bless.