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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I got "Notered" ~ Granny Square Crochet Bookmark ~ Random Tidbits

I woke up with a hot cup of coffee, and sat down to read my email and discovered I was "notered" by Youngest Daughter.

(The history of the "noters":  for years we exchanged uplifting notes.  I'd put them in their lunches, and Youngest loved to write me back often).

Here is what I found in my email today:

 "Soo I don't really have anything to write about but I love you mommy. You're amazing and you care for me and I love you. Also check facebook :) I couldn't help but brag about how amazing my mom is.. I love you. You do a lot for me and there should be more than one day of the year that I show my gratitude to you and how much I appreciate you, and of course the work you do for me. You are AMAZING. I love you. I love you times 10000000 <3 :d="" are="" br="" hearts="" lol="" love="" mom="" symbols="" those="" you="">

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That just made my day start even better.  I did hack into Hubby's facebook to see what she posted too ( a good way).

Lookie, lookie! (just trying to be funny)  I found another one!  (actually I found two, but I'll explain the other one on another post).

While shuffling through my leaning-tower-of- Pisa stack of magazines, I found this:

Hm.  Another buried treasure?  I started making a second one of these way back in 2012. It must have been in the craft area I cleaned and got buried in my stack I am reading.  Anyway, I love this bookmark.  I love anything granny square (or round) and the mini granny's are so cute.  So, I sat down, and this time I modified the last row to finish it.

The pattern for this granny square bookmark, and the heart book mark (both crocheted with #10 cotton crochet thread), they (and many others) can be found in this book:

Crochet 3 Dozen and One Bookmarks by, Annie's Attic

I've been updating a bunch of older blog posts, so if they are showing up on your blog feed, just ignore them.  Most are simply getting the "font" changed and cleaning them up a bit.

Today, I'll immerse myself in what cleaning I can do, while we wait for the hot water to flow again.   First, I must don my iceberg attire and go kick frozen blocks from goat buckets.  There's nothing more entertaining than trying to wrestle a block of ice from a chicken watering unit either.  The worst job is watering "Big Boy."  The snow was deeper out there, and there are frozen foot prints that are layered in ice.  It's my cardio for the day.

I about fainted when I saw we are to warm up to an actual temperature of 20°F today.    

Meanwhile, that stack of magazines awaits me today.  Just after I finalize a few articles I'm writing.


Mama Pea said...

I think motherhood (it never ends!) is full of good hindsights and wishing we would have done things "differently" so when we get affirmation that our kids think we're okay (!) it means so much. What a little sweetie your daughter is.

Here's hoping your warm day (20 degrees -- wow!) thaws your hot water pipes! Oh, the woes of winter . . .

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I sure hope the sunshine today helps with extra heat. It will be a bit colder tomorrow. Our youngest can be so funny, and amazing some days.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, I sure hope the sunshine today helps with extra heat. It will be a bit colder tomorrow. Our youngest can be so funny, and amazing some days.

Sandra said...

I would love to see 20 degrees!!
It has been so cold.
Love getting "notes" :) very sweet.

Susan said...

What a lovely note to find in your email! Anything to help warm us up (from the inside out) during this endless winter. I love granny squares, too, but still have yet to learn how to crochet one. Or anything. I'll just admire yours.

Liz said...

That certainly is a nice surprise to wake up to! Its supposed to hit 20 here. It sure will feel like a heat wave!

Sam I Am...... said...

Bless that sweet girl of yours! Mothers need all the positive encouragement we can get as we are always questioning our abilties and wondering what psychological scars we might have left on our children (not intending to)!
I love the bookmarks but I think that's the book I tried to order from Annies and they took my money and later sent me a note saying it was out of print and they would refund me later.....they never have!

Katmom said...

Oh what a Blessing to have such a sweet, loving daughter...

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sandra, Hubby told me it's going to get very cold again. Sigh...

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, granny squares are fun, but they do require many ends to be sewn in when many colors are used.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Liz, it's funny how 20 can feel so warm, ha ha!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I am, have you tried buying a used copy on Amazon? I think they still have copies left.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Katmom, thanks, she's a funny one some days.

RB said...

The noters are cute. Remind me a bit of one boyfriend I had years and years ago who use to leave Hershey Kisses hidden about the house with tiny notes attached to them that said, "For the cleaning lady." LOL

How odd the first thing I noticed in the pictures was the face on the front of the magazine of Brad Meltzer, an author whose ideas I've found rather intriguing. The bookmarks though are very cute and colorful. Not sure my old eyes would be able to work with those tiny stitches though.

God bless.