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Monday, February 16, 2015

Honey-Ginger Carrots ~ More Ways to Use Millet ~ Cold Coffee

I pulled the last two bags of garden carrots from the freezer.  I added them to dinner last night, and made Honey-Ginger Carrots.  It's very simple to make too.

 (Homemade tuna and noodle using homemade mushroom soup and soy free tuna, honey-ginger carrots and organic peas).

Boil the carrots
until just tender, then drain.  Don't forget to save the drained water for a future soup base too.

Place the carrots back into a skillet, add 1 1/2- 2 Tbsp. butter (depending on how many carrots you cook, I used 2 quart bags pre-sliced), 1 Tbsp. honey, and 1/4 tsp. ground ginger.  Coat until heated, and serve.  With using more carrots for our large family, I had to add more ginger and honey, and it was not overpowering.  Very delicious and something different than simply carrots.  If you have fresh parsley, chop some up and top the carrots.  I do not have any growing inside (boo hoo to me) this winter.  Next winter I'll be sure to remember to bring some in.

I've also been cooking up 1 cup of millet at a time, and using in different ways.

First, we discovered it goes well with steamed asparagus (on top or served on the side).

Second, I mixed some in tuna salad, and grilled sandwiches.  You don't know it's even in there, and it stretched the tuna to make more sandwiches.  We make ours with simply a bit of organic mayo and home canned sweet pickle relish.  Or, you can substitute millet for rice (or bread crumbs) in tuna patties, and skip the bread.

Third, we like to scramble some in eggs for breakfast, or add it to an omelet.

We have warmed up here to a -15°F wind chill and an actual temperature of -6°F.  Woohoo!  Hubby dared me to go out and take a sunrise photo, but I decided to stay warm in here, ha ha!  Besides, the beautiful pink sky was there for a minute, and now when I look out, it's gone.  Nothing but clouds. 

I've learned this week, not to let my coffee cup sit very long, or it goes cold quickly.  I don't like to microwave my coffee either.  Maybe I should be pouring it into a thermal cup with a lid?  Brrr!

Hubby had an errand to run yesterday, so he stopped in at the pet store and found Jesse a pair of dog booties for half price.   Jesse has always had a hard time with the cold on his paws, so he's the first to get a pair.  He likes them too.  Here in the photo we put the front ones on first to get him used to them.  

His master has already taught him that if he keeps them on, he gets a treat.  You should have seen him.  I laughed so hard when he first went outside, but later by afternoon, he was running and romping around Alias.  It was almost as if he was trying to show off his new boots.  Hilarious!   This dog loves to wear clothes, so he does have a dog coat too.  He's such a show off, ha ha!

We all bit the bullet, suited up, and got more wood from the barn yesterday.  Our porch supply was depleted.  We still have a supply, so we are very thankful we did the hard work, and thankful for those who supplied any of the wood for us.


Mama Pea said...

What a smart dog Jesse is! Glad you could get the booties for him. There are many mushers in our area and their dogs all wear booties when conditions on the trail are icy because the dogs' feet might get cut up at those times. They're all used to the cold temps, matter of fact like it much better when it's below zero than above. That way they don't over-heat when out on a run. Can you imagine outfitting a team of 12 dogs with booties? Now that could get expensive! (Although most mushers make their own out of necessity.)

Kim said...

I bet the millet would be good added into my veggie hash I do for breakfast! I will have to try it. Thanks for the idea.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, if I had to fit that many dogs with booties, I'd be making them myself too. That's a lot of dog booties. And cash.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, millet goes very well with vegetables. You can even cook millet with stock vs. water for more flavor.

EMMA said...

Thanks for sharing your millet ideas - I hardly ever use it as I find it very bland. I quite often cook my carrots in some chopped onion, water and a little honey then add a spoon of cream at the end - never though of adding ginger - will next time.
Cold coffee - yuck bur reheated coffee yuckier!! This may sound hard for you to do but you should just you sit down and refuse to do anything else but enjoy a cup of hot coffee now and again!
Fancy dog shoes! our's were just plain old black!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Emma, we really did enjoy the ginger in the carrots. Thanks for sharing your recipe too. Today, I may be sitting and enjoying my coffee - hot water pipes are froze.

RB said...

Those dog boots are a hoot. We see so many animals behaving oddly wearing new boots, sox, sweaters and such on America's Funniest Videos, I would have loved to see a video of Jesse getting use to his new boots. LOL

Our Buddy shows an interest in anything new Bro Tom wears. Tom has put a stocking cap and a pair of sunglasses on him once, but I don't think he'd voluntarily leave them on for very long. Ya never know though.

God bless.


Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, Jesse will wear them, but I'm not so sure about Alias. Although, after the other day, we may have to at least try.