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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Goats ~ Recipes ~ Talking Walls

There is a beautiful sunrise this morning, but I am too lazy to go put on the right slippers to trudge out onto the porch and snap a photo to share.  There is a fresh layer of snow to walk through, but it is beautiful.
Although it was almost noon, when I started my deep cleaning yesterday, I was successful again for a day.  My day first started with emptying the ash pan in the wood stove, restocking the wood inside, fetching eggs and watering the animals.  

When I arrived to the barn, and pushed the door open, I was greated by Misty (our white female Lamancha goat).  She was happily walking about, and not in her pen.  The others stayed put, even though the gate was wide open.  The wheel barrow was tipped over, shovels scattered, hay a mess, and goat poo all over the barn floor.  Daughter forgot to put the latch in when she did the evening barn duties. Ha ha!  What a mess that girl made in there too.  As soon as I approached her, she ran into her goat pen.  I'm sure she knew she wasn't supposed to be trapeze-ing all over the barn.

Later, I finished sifting through the recipe basket.  This basket was holding other items on top of the recipes, and over the course of the years (I am talking more than seven) I left them in the bottom.  Pretty bad I'd say.

I pitched many of them, as I have changed our ways of cooking and baking over the years.  I kept the rest, but paper-clipped them into sections, and will not put them into the recipe box unless they are tried and we give them "all thumbs up."

The basket will be used to hold small pieces of fire starters for the pellet stove, so it's getting a good use now.  And, it gave me something to post on my S.C.R.A.P. Blogspot as well.

The cleaning continues.....

I have three doilies with candle holders on the bookshelf I cleaned, so those got washed (and dried in front of the pellet stove, along with other laundry).  The two blue ones are antique and came from my Aunt.

What's next?

This is only a small portion of the top of my so-called desk.  I call it that, because the chair is uncomfortable, and I typically gravitate to another area to write.  One day soon, I will replace the chair, and use the desk itself more often.  Maybe I'll crochet myself a seat cushion for instead.  It's a solid wood chair.  Not conducive for long time sitting.

In this case, it's a talking "door" and not a wall.  Oldest Daughter pasted it to my mirror, but it's since been moved to a door.   Another one of her reminders for me to write.  

I think I should listen to this one too.  Once I get my "work space" top notch dust free, I'll be able to focus so much better.  Clutter and such, always causes me writer's anxiety.  I worry I should be cleaning and not sitting on my bum.  Anyway, in the end, I'll get it all worked out.

The school had yet another two hour delay.  The kids are getting spoiled with sleeping lately.  Not me though.  I find the early morning (very quiet) time the best time to write.  I'm actually reading over a novel I wrote during National Novel Writing Month (a few years ago).  


Mama Pea said...

You're setting a good "cleaning" example for me, Kristina! Oy, you should see my box full of recipes to try. I know that I, too, will toss many of them once I get into going through them. (Hope that happens soon.) I don't know how you find time to write at all. I don't have the distraction of kid(s) still at home and I sometimes have a hard time sitting down to write a whole post! I can't start (or get into) any project if the house is a mess. Having said that, I'm off to vacuum!

Kim said...

You have been busy and you sure do make me look bad!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, the funny part is that I just went through a stack of printed recipes a while back, and then I find these - yikes! Some days I don't get much written other than a blogpost.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, today I wanted to tackle the entire desk....not happening. I see my wicker stand that holds CD's has mildew from summer or fall weather. Not sure, but I closed the desk and will finish it tomorrow. I look at it as one bit or area a day, instead the entire room.

RB said...

One of our neighbors had two little pygmy goats, he said to eat the poison ivy down, but they ate everything BUT the poison ivy. Those little rascals were out of the fence more than they were in them, and we never could figure out how they got out either. Poor guy would think he found out, would fix that part stronger, and next day they'd be out again. He finally gave them to a farmer who was going to put them out to pasture with his horses. I don't know if that kept 'em in a fence or not. Funny critters!!!
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, goats are definitely picky eaters, and funny. We'll soon have a few kids from them too.

RB said...

Our neighbor's goats seemed to eat everything but what he bought them to eat - poison ivy. Obviously, they were smarter than he was. LOL
God bless.

Sam I Am...... said...

YOur goats at least left it in the barn. My cat had a "sickness" that left a "trail" around the house the other morning that was enough to make me gag! I hadn't even had my first cup of coffee. She's better now and i got it all cleaned up but it sure took most of my morning!
I'm like you as I find it hard to sit and relax when I see "chaos" around me. Oh well, we are still more blessed than so many. Take care sweetie!