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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sickness ~ Hubby ~ Homemade Graham Crackers ~ More Hand Lotion

The only reason I am up this morning, is to locate the school's transportation number and cancel the bus today.  Both kids that ride it are sick with fevers and whatnot.   As luck would have it, the school was calling me as I was calling them, and they closed today due to snow and bad roads.  Traffic outside, is moving extremely slow.

As for me?  I woke up at 4am freezing cold.  I knew at that point I was the next to get the sickness (that our 15 year-old brought home from a sleepover).  My temperature was 101.4 and I am not feeling so well.   

I'm finding out that all of the kids that were at that sleepover got sick, and I am not sure if they are all well yet.

I had most of my blog written out last night, so you get the joy of reading it today.  I figured if I got myself up, I might as well post something.   

Don't worry, I'm heading back to bed after I sanitize the keyboard with my Thieves oil spray.  I do regret not making a batch of elixir yesterday, and not making a jar of homemade ginger ale syrup.  We are going to need both today.


Hubby was hankering for a meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  He was evidently hankering a lot, because instead of bringing home three pounds of meat, he brought home six.  Six!

Instead of one meatloaf, I made two, so we are well supplied this week.  In fact, so well supplied, I didn't have to cook the next night.

I do have to mention, when I went to slice potatoes, I realized there was not enough for us.  Then, I remembered our canned (home canned) potatoes.  I popped open one jar, rinsed them, and added them directly to the pot with the freshly cut potatoes.  It worked perfectly.

With a kiddo home sick, and not able to eat much, and the roads in bad condition, I baked homemade graham crackers for her. 

I used a mini cookie cutter to cut some hearts into the cracker dough.  They were super cute, and a fun (and healthy) idea for Valentine's Day.

 The original recipe states to bake 18 minutes, then leave them in the oven and turn it off for 30 (to crisp up).  I do not do that.  I remove them, and allow them to crisp up on the baking sheet until they are cool.  This, so far, has worked for me over the years.

Update:  Photo of the heart crackers

While that baked, I brewed an pot of herbal eye health tea with bilberries.

I mixed up another batch of homemade hand lotion too.  Although I really wanted to add cayenne extract, I used two other essential oils for sore joints.  If it works well, I'll share it.  I looked up the prices for cayenne extract, but the store I buy from was sold out of 1 oz. bottles.  A 4 oz. bottle was just over $30.  Yikes.  I'll wait.


Susan said...

There is so much illness going around! I am sure that you and your crew will come flying through more quickly than most because of your excellent homeopathic skills. The graham crackers with the heart cutouts are wonderful! I don't know anything about bilberries - I will have to look them up. Feel better soon!

Mama Pea said...

Uh-oh, doesn't sound like a healthy day around your house. Although we're fine, from what we hear there is a lot of sickness in our area, too. For the past few winters so many folks (kids and adults) have been getting sick. I don't remember it being like that until recently. Personally, I think antibiotics are handed out so readily that our bodies have become immune to the good effect they may have while the germs are becoming immune to the antibiotics.

I keep forgetting to mention that I really like your new blog header set-up, too.

How is Sadie doing? I've been thinking about her.

Take care of yourself, Kristina, so you can shake the germies that are trying to take hold in your house. Do you use Thieves internally, too? We do.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I just saw that your daughter was sick you and the others.
You guys get hit bad. It's because you're so close. Well, the school being out is a good thing, no missed assignments. I'd be interested in the joint cream.
All that cooking you did sounds like it will come in handy while youre out of commission. :/

Sam I Am...... said...

So sorry you are ill! Did you can any chicken broth? The graham crackers are going on my list. I've wanted to make them for a long time now. Like your hubby, I get a "hankering" for meatloaf and green beans and mashed potatoes....yum!
I hope you feel!

Kim said...

I am sorry to hear that the sickness has invaded your home. Is your husband staying with relatives till all is well at home? I think I just might be trying those graham crackers.

Michelle said...

You got a lot done for being sick. When I am sick I just become a slug. LOL

Debby Flowers said...

Sorry to hear you are ill - I wish you a speedy recovery. Homemade graham crackers have never occurred to me; I just avoid them due to all the non-food ingredients. I will have to give it a whirl. Your blog always has such great tips and ideas, thank you!

EMMA said...

Sickness here too. My little one has had fever/cough for two days and I woke up feeling terrible this morning. Made a jar of lime/ginger/thyme and honey syrup yesterday which is helping a bit.
hope you all get well soon.