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Friday, January 23, 2015

Recovery ~ Sadie Update

We are recovering.  The sickness got three of us (if I could only teach one to wash her hands more often).   We used hot herbal teas (ginger, mullein, thyme and others),  homemade vapor-rub, eucalyptus inhalation steams, homemade ginger-ale, and homemade elixir.  I encouraged them to gargle with salt water too.  It really helped me.

The good news is, all of our fevers are gone now.  The one thing remaining for me this morning, was a big fat headache.  After two doses of ibuprofen I realized I had not had coffee for a few days.  Duh!  I, with my ice pack on my head, got up and downed coffee.  Problem solved.

This is the first time I stayed in bed the entire day, then night and next day.  Literally.  But, that is one thing I've learned - to really rest (even if the kids can't pick up the slack and leave the kitchen looking like a whirlwind came through it). 

Sorry for not replying to comments, but will get to those soon hopefully.

Sadie is doing so-so.  One day she is having trouble walking and standing, and the next she is playing in the snow.   The vet said it is possible the bleeding stopped on it's own, but she has more than one lesion on her liver.  So far today, she is alert and about.  We are watching her closely.  The vet had told Daughter that Sadie would not live through the night (the day she took her to the emergency clinic).   


Mama Pea said...

Good news to hear all you human beans (as my brother used to say when he was little) are on the road to recovery.

I'm sure the vet said Sadie wouldn't "live through the night" because that's how it looked, but oh gosh, the stress that must have put on everyone. Hoping the sweet dog gets over this blip in her health and spends lots more time with you all.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, we too are glad we are recovering. Sadie is truly an amazing dog, and today she looks really good (but her blood could be spreading cancer to other major organs, we just won't know unless she gets lethargic).

Sam I Am...... said...

It's terrible to go through that with a babies they can't tell you when they're not feeling good.
I'm so glad you and your family are recovering!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I am, it truly is difficult with sick pets. I am a bit low on energy today, but it feels good to feel better for sure.

RB said...

From what I understand, the liver CAN heal itself, and pets that are not yet ready to leave their human friends have been known to do amazing things until they are which may be miles and miles yet down the road.
In the meantime, plenty of boiled chicken and hearty herbal and spiced chicken soup for everyone is what I think. It may not be a miracle cure, but it does bring comfort when one is not well, including the furbabies.
Prayers for all.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

RB, thanks for that info on the liver. One day she can't walk outside, and the next she appears a bit perky.

RB said...

Don't lose hope Kristina. Remember, when we don't feel well, especially from something internal like she's dealing with, we have good days and bad ones too.
Just keep praying for God's will for her and know the very best thing will happen, even if it's something that makes us sad for a time.
God bless.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thank you RB