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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter Slow Down ~ Making Decisions ~ Christmas Ornament

I'll admit, the chilly outside air has kept me indoors more often.  I do have to enjoy it and slow down.  So far, we have avoided the flu, although our 15 year-old recently came home from a sleepover sick.   The more I am home, the less contact I have of airborne and other nasty germs.  I am, however, considering banning sleepovers during the remainder of the winter (flu hospitalizations are up in our area).   I just want to keep sickness out of our home.  This is the second time this season that she has come home sick from a friend's house.

Although it is snowing right now, we did have a warm up, and the weather was perfect for drying laundry outdoors.  And it was warm enough to let the ladies out and clean the coop.  We tried last week (to clean the coop), but everything was simply frozen to the ground.  

I've taken some time to think on things, and ....
I'm not participating in the Farmer's Market any longer.  Last  year we cut it down to one month (which meant two Saturdays).  Maybe down the road, when I have no children at home, but for now I'm not.  You not only have to register for a tax I.D. number, but there are insurance issues now if you sell food (it was mentioned that they may be pushing it more for sellers to purchase liability insurance of some sort).  So, the fact you make very little, and then have the expense of the table space, the hard work involved in the creating (and all that time), and the hauling....I'm taking a break.

I will be visiting them from time to time, to buy produce we may be lacking at the time, but I pretty much make everything they sell, myself.  It is disappointing to see tables selling Tupperware, catalog jewelry, Thirty-One bags, and other type items.  I understand they are just trying to make more money, but it goes to show, that less and less are making homemade/handmade items any more.

In fact, if you don't know what you are shopping for, some folks may be disappointed to find out the ingredients in some jellies and jams sold, are from the grocery store (like canned pumpkin in pumpkin butter).  

Now onto another topic - handmade Christmas ornaments.  I was flipping through photos and came across these.

I'm not sure that I ever shared these handmade Christmas ornaments.  I made some that I shared on my S.C.R.A.P. Blog using a Christmas theme, but these were a bit different.

I made them for a friend a few years ago - one for her and one for her daughter.

I used scrap pieces of fabric to cover the backs of the recycling canning lids.  You can visit my S.C.R.A.P. blog to see how to make these.

Five Minutes for Me ~ I'm lacking in this department.

Sadie has three small lesions on her liver, and one must have ruptured, but we are not certain if it stopped bleeding on it's own just yet.  She's a bit herself, and then again not herself (but not lethargic as she was early December).  She's being watched around the clock, and Daughter is up every two hours during the night to check on her.  We appreciate all your prayers, kind words and comments.   There are no more surgeries for her, unfortunately.

Last night the girls got out the family videos and we watched so many moments that were refreshing.  We watched Tiger and Jasper (cats) from birth, Sadie as a pup, Gus (Son's first dog), the kids (they have grown so quickly), and of course myself (the kids have noticed how much weight I have lost).   It doesn't seem like that much time has passed already.  Sigh.  Jesse, as a pup, was so funny to watch too.


My Garden Diaries said...

How disappointing that they make you jump through so many hoops at the market. And the fact that people are selling 31 bags at the farmers market does not make any sense at all. Good for you for taking some time. And those ornaments are beautiful!!! Have a great week!!! Nicole xo

Sandra said...

It is too bad things get so complicated selling at a farmers market!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

as always, the ornaments are a clever use of left-overs and things on hand!
I'm disappointed in the flea market too.
Ours has lots of cheap imitation stuff...some spots have vintage goods, and a few handmade items, but more and more spaces are being taken over, by 'imports'. :/
I think limiting the sleepovers right now is a good idea-- I agree, more time at home is safer for our health during flu season.
Stay well.

RB said...

So many pretty things. I wish I had the talent, but I do have other ones. Just need to get myself and them organized.

I understand about the flea market. We once tried that too, but like is said here, so many others were there selling commercial goods or even outright junk at high prices, traffic to the place eventually slowed to where it wasn't worth doing it anymore.

When I got laid off, I found job fairs to be about the same way, few vendors looking for employees, more selling makeup and jewelry and doodads. Where these people thought the unemployed would get the money for that stuff escaped me. You ended up paying for parking out of what little $$$ you did have, only to get inside and get hawked with wares instead of jobs. Thank God I was of retirement age and didn't have to fiddle with that stuff for long. I feel sorry for anyone nowadays who does, cause it's sure not the good old days anymore.

So sorry to hear about Sadie. I pray her time is not yet, and that God will send her healing and strength.

God bless.


Beansieleigh said...

Love your sweet Christmas ornaments!.. And remembering your dear Sadie in my prayers... ~tina