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Thursday, January 15, 2015

In the Kitchen ~ A Year of Ernest Hemingway

Chore time was so peaceful and quiet yesterday.  If fact, it was beautiful outside.  I had to go inside and get my camera out and take a few photos.

 Then the sun started to shine a bit...

I had to laugh.  The dogs thought I, in my full get-up to stay warm, was a trespasser.  They barked up a storm while I was out and about.  Good dogs.

I'm dehydrating more organic orange peel today.  Mom saved me an empty spice jar, and it came in handy.

Mom also saved me a baby food jar, so I am grinding more dried peel.

The orange peel powder is a beautiful color (it's more orange than it shows in the photo), and it smells absolutely wonderful.

I drained our last jar of homemade vanilla extract.  We are going through it quickly here lately.  I have more jars setting, and those will be ready in about five months or so.  I really should start 5 more jars for next Christmas, so that's on the "order" wish list (vanilla beans).

I spent most of the day in the kitchen, doing meal prep work and cleaning and organizing.  I put clean tablecloths out and put a few red crocheted items on it.  I love using vintage tablecloths, but they are more difficult to find anymore. 

Today's green is organic swiss chard.  I've already prepared it and will use it in a breakfast quiche.  

Today I'll be washing a bazillion dishes.  Why?

It was bound to happen.  The dishwasher frizzled out.  I think it's the last of the appliances to quit on us now.  At least I can still wash them. It will just mean more work, and less time to get other chores done.  It's not getting replaced anytime soon.  

Alias is helping me go through my personal stash of Hemingway books.  I don't have many as you can see.  I have already read The Old Man and the Sea, and decided this would be a good year to read as many of his books as I can in 2015.  Why?  Because life is short.  

And, libraries are getting rid of these gems.  All three of my books came from previous library book sales. 

I can see this will be a challenge in itself, just to locate the actual books.  His very first book is no longer in the library.  and one is now only available as a DVD. 

Looks like I'll be putting away a few dollars to treat myself to a few book sales (if I can find any).   Maybe I can send my older brother an SOS.  He seems to have the best location for large used book sales.

Right now, I have ordered In Our Time (1925) from the library.  I'm just waiting for it to come in now.

Five Minutes for Me ~ Taking photos.  As you can see I spent a great amount of time taking photos yesterday.  Mom just texted me.  The sky has a beautiful pink hue to it.  I stepped out in my slippers and jammies and took a few more.  I enjoy taking photographs.  Especially when beauty is involved. 


Mama Pea said...

You really did get some beautiful photos. No pictures here as our landscape has been so barren, drab and dull. (Okay, I'll say it: UGLY!) for so long. Gosh, we need a good snowfall!

I'm going to put on my dunce cap now and admit I've never actually read any of Hemingway's books.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, it really was pretty out yesterday. I've only read one of Hemingway's books, so I hope to read many this year.

Liz said...

Beautiful pictures of the hoar frost! Everything around here was covered thick in it! I have read a few Hemingways books. We toured his estate and museum the last time we were Key West. A very "interesting" man.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Liz, I have toured the Key West estate also. Loved it.

Sandra said...

Beautiful Photos!!
I am not enjoying the cold, but it is a beautiful!

Kim said...

I love your pictures. So far we have only had a dusting. Very strange year for snow drought around here. The last time I remember this happening was 1993 and we had a terrible storm in March. we ended up with 3+ feet of snow and extreme cold

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Kim, we are now in a bit of a warm up, so some of it melting already.

Unknown said...

Nice shots!!! I've found a ton of cheap used books on eBay and Amazon. I've always wanted to go to Key West and visit his home and see his cats ancestors. He's buried here out of town up in Sun Valley. Sadly the town won't allow tours of his home there...

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I'm challenging myself to pick up some books and read them this year. That means less time doing other media is one, but I think I'll find a happy balance!
I hope.
at least I should read a book a month don't you? I used to read so much! And my bible... I'm trying to read them both more! Bible and leisure titles.
enjoy your five minutes...

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...
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Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Nancy, if I can get one book read in every month that would be great!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sandra, we warmed up a bit today.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Nancy, that's interesting that they don't allow visits there for Hemingway, but they do in Key West.

Unknown said...

Yes, the rich neighbors don't want tours buses up there :( His house in Key West looks really cool!

Sam I Am...... said...

I like the idea of "Today's Green" and also picking an author and reading all their books. Have you tried shipping them!
Hemmingway spent some time down here in AR too. They had a special on PBS/AR about it. I do try to read everything in order in series books and I must admit when I find an author I like...I read them all like Jan Karon; The Mitford Series and she has a new one out now but the classics and older books are less expensive. I'm trying to read what I have here and then only keep the really special ones. LOL!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sam I am, I am really trying hard to make sure we get more vegetables in our diet, especially greens.