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Friday, January 2, 2015

Cold Temps ~ Tidbits

I was pretty happy with our "system restore" here, by getting the Christmas decorations down and put away, but slumped my shoulders when I entered my bathroom.  I forgot about the Christmas tree in there.

It's coming down today.  Then it's all back in storage. All but the outside lights.  Those will have to wait for a warmer day.
It's been pretty cold here lately.  I'm not complaining.  I am glad we don't have snow (yet).  I have family traveling about the same time my Son will travel, so we are praying for good traveling weather.  We are dwindling down to the last few days before he has to leave again.

Although I forgot to take a photo, I do have a new recipe to share.  Our grocery store is stocking more organic pasta (I know, I know, I should be making my own noodles right now). 

I decided to make
Tomato and Kale Pesto Pasta (linked for you).  It was very good.  I have one herb growing inside this winter, and it's basil.  The recipe is online, but I found it in a magazine I was actually reading (yep, found time to sift through a pile of un-read magazines).

The entire family liked it, so if you have kale and basil (and garlic) you might enjoy the dish too.  It's a "light" meal also, so if you are really hungry you can always add another side to it.

Hopefully, this next gardening season I can grow many more greens.  I am enjoying new recipes and rotating our greens for good health. 

As for the chocolate wine we were gifted.  Hubby didn't like it.  I loved it.  It's very sweet and has red wine in it.  It's definitely not the type of wine to sip watching the sunset or while reading a book.  However, it's more like a dessert in a glass.  It's almost like a spiked, thick glass of chocolate milk.

Update on Mom:  She's back home thankfully.  And back to normal (as normal can get).  Thank you for any prayers.  I had to bite my tongue when the doctor was talking to us about the reaction Mom had to a prescription drug she had taken, as he went on to explain about steroids and uses for them.  He mentioned they often have to give a steroid for bronchitis (he was just giving examples in is talk), explaining that they have to give some drugs to stop side effects of other drugs (why I try so very hard to treat naturally).  I wanted to shout out, "I have a tea for that."


Sam I Am...... said...

The pasta sounds great! I saw a bag of kale at the store last time and there were directions on it for making Kale Chips in the oven. I didn't get any but I may look into it next time I go. My basil dies out inside but my Rosemary is so far okay. My celery died too. I can't seem to keep them alive once they come in the house. My cilantro is hanging on. LOL!
So glad your Mom is better!

Mary said...

I once bought a sweet dessert wine, raspberry melomel, which was a mead for Valentines day, but mu husband hated it. It was more like a cordial than a wine.. but I liked it. I got all my interior Christmas as well.

Mama Pea said...

Haven't even started to take down the Christmas decorations. Ugh. But two morning's ago, hubby got up about 10 minutes before I did and didn't turn on any lights except the tree lights. When I stumbled out on my way to the bathroom, it looks so beautiful that I commented on it to him. He suggested that was a good reason to leave the decorations up for a while longer. (Twist my arm, twist my arm!)

The more different types of greens I can grow for out salads, the better! And all of them are so good for us. Let us know which ones you decide to grow this year.

RB said...

About the same thing happened to me, got all the wrapping goodies packed up and put away in the closet, turned back into the living room, and there were the ribbons and bows still sitting out. It's always something, isn't it. LOL

God bless.