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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Random Tidbits ~ Sausage and Kale Millet Skillet

I was up, and sipping through my first cup of coffee Tuesday morning, when my phone rang about 7:00am.  

I needed to drive Mom to the ER and that is where I was most of the day, having doctors poke, exam, and check her. After three days in the hospital, she's still in there.  Doctors have not made a diagnosis yet.   She is feeling better, but not having answers is frustrating.

I'm continuing to get creamed condensed soups on the freezer.  

The kitchen smells so good when I am making these.  Lately, I've managed to get one done a day, considering time constraints.

Our egg production went from two or three to seven the other day.  I'm considering baking some molting muffins for them the next time they molt, but the recipe requires items that I would have to order.  Has anyone baked molting muffins for their chickens?

I baked up another millet skillet, but changed up the ingredients.  Instead of ham, I cooked ground sausage, and added kale wilted down with garlic.  The recipe I used online uses corn starch (which I buy non-gmo), but will continue to try new recipes. I would like to find one that uses a flour (or other ingredient) vs. so much corn starch, and one that I can bake in a 9 x 13 inch dish.  This one was so good.  We all wanted a second piece, and I only own one pan this size.  

The weather quickly changed to cold recently, and today the frost looks like a fin layer of snow.  We may get more now showers later today as well.  I'm hoping Hubby doesn't work overtime so we can set our t-posts for the snow fence, before the ground gets too hard.


Mama Pea said...

Gosh, hope your mom can return home and be feeling okay soon.

I've never heard of molting muffins for the chickens. I know if we hadn't started new chicks this past spring, we'd be struggling to have enough eggs right now.

Several years ago I gave up using cornstarch because of the GMO factor and the generally unhealthy corn that is grown these days. I went to organic arrowroot powder as a substitute and have never found it to fail in a recipe calling for cornstarch.

After a week of temps not getting out of the 20s here our ground is frozen. Hubby had to do some digging yesterday and had to use a pickaxe. Ugh.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Mama Pea, thanks for the tip on arrowroot. I'll look for that next trip to the store. I haven't gotten an update yet on Mom today, but we hope she gets to go home, yet I know getting answers in important too.

Susan said...

I am going to look that recipe up online! I have found that I love millet and, thanks to you, now have at least four great recipes that use it. I will also have to look up molting muffins, although no matter what I do for the ingrates, they still refuse to lay! Hope your mom is home soon - with a diagnosis!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Susan, check out this site for a bunch of gluten free recipes with millet:

My Garden Diaries said...

I am with you on the gmos and to be honest with you am nervous about corn all the time. Just stinks to have to worry so much about the food we eat but you have it right...making your own these days is the only way to go! Happy weekend to you...that skillet looks amazing! Nicole xo

Sam I Am...... said...

I hope your Mom is better. We have a couple sickies in the family too and my SIL' Father had a collapsed lung from falling when he went to feed his chickens. I don't think any of us were ready for this sudden Winter. Your skillet dinner looks yummy.

Unknown said...

I have done some millet casseroles in a loaf pan, like a meat loaf...