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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, October 30, 2014

From the Handiwork Journal . . .

. . . crocheted tiny flowers and glued them to paper clips.  These are quick to make, add color to your work space, and are fun to gift.  I loved they way these turned out - adorable!

These tiny flowers could be added to handmade cards, bobby pins, and so much more.  I glued them to large paper clips using a clear drying, strong craft glue.

I am crocheting two flower patterns for making these.  I do like the first flower better.  

I keep a box of "tuck in" gifts that fit in an envelope or card, and my stash is dwindling.  So many of these are going in the box.

The patterns for making flowers are in this book:

Fun-to-Crochet Scrapbook Accents, American School of Needlework

. . . still crocheting the cat bed.  I'm using the Moss crochet stitch.

. . .crocheting a few more cloths using the cotton blend #8 crochet thread.

. . . working on "top secret" ornaments for the family. Today I am ironing scrap fabric for some.  That's all I'm sayin'

. . .I still have pot holders on an afghan hook too.  I must get those done soon.


Sandra said...

What cute accents!
Looks like you have been busy!

Mama Pea said...

What a creative mind you have! Keep finding the time to get in a little handwork every day. (I'm not doing very well on that score. :o( I need to remind myself that if you can do it, I should be able to, too!)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Sandra, I love how the paper clips turned out.

Mama Pea, last night I watched TV and crocheted. I don't get much time during the day yet to work on them, but they are slowly getting done.

Susan said...

I take it the only time you are not creating something is when you are sleeping. But then you are probably dreaming about creating something.... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Kristina, I thought I had lost you in my hiatus from blogging. I just couldn't remember all of your blog name... I know, I am a toad... :D
I hope you are well and the family and all the critters?
I have some serious catching up to do on reading your posts... Gosh I have missed you!!!
I'm back though so we can chat once again... :D
Hugs always from your blogging sister over here in New Hampshire,
Beth P

Anonymous said...

Now I have to look for that book... those tiny flowers would look perfect on a card too!!! giggle...

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Beth P, I am so glad to find you again too.

Susan, you had me laughing. That is about true - dreaming of something to create (which I am doing today! Ha ha!)

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

the flowers are just so cute...
you could put those on little snap clips with ribbon for a girls hair!
I might make some.
the cat isn't too spoiled is it? lol
I'm still crocheting cloths for Christmas shoe boxes for a friends church mission.

EMMA said...

love those flowers - they must be soo tiny. just thinking of gifts i could mail to a friend who has just moved back to the US - think I've found an idea!!
Thanks for sharing it.

Sam I Am...... said...

Those are really tiny! What size hook did you use? They are adorable. You're really getting a lot done for your gift giving! Good for you!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

I used size 6 steel hook and #10 cotton crochet thread.