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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Front Porch ~ Our Simple Pleasure

Last night was quiet around here.  We thanked God for that.  Things are in action, and people are working on our situation as well as us.  The Deputy Sheriff called us last night while we were at a school choir concert, and of course I went into panic mode, thinking something happened at the homestead.  However, it was good news.  He caught located the 4-wheeler guy who ran off and charged him with a few violations.

With the quiet night we enjoyed a few moments on the porch.  It was so peaceful, despite traffic.  I regained my inner peace with my lavender eye pack, a cup of ice water and my cozy rocker on the porch.

In fact, we were all on the porch last night, soaking in the comfort of the porch.

The post lady delivered timely as well.  The Dandelion cookbook is full of recipes, and many that we plan to try, even though we recently mowed here.  I should still get enough dandelions to try a few recipes.  I have to give my older brother credit for sparking our interest in more dandelion recipes. 

Slowly, I am regaining the porch beauty with flowers.  This is always the fun part.

It's not very often I treat myself to a magazine from the store.  This time I did. These are in a drawer waiting for the next porch visit.

I brought home a current copy of Herb Quarterly

...a copy of Chickens

...and a new magazine I have never read before.  This one is full of good recipes.  This publishing company prints many magazines - one on aprons, one on green crafts, and many more.  I may have to splurge for a copy of their green craft magazine.  They are not cheap either.

Today, I have much work to do in the garden.  Yesterday, an appointment, and choir concert discombobulated me once again.  But that's okay too.

....oh, I am so needing a camping trip or island trip now.

Update on our fermenting of the cabbage - don't use table salt.  I will be doing this again, but with kosher salt.


Unknown said...

Glad things are quieting down! Those guys don't sound too smart, getting in trouble so fast. Maybe they'll move on and bug someone else, and get their legs broken...

Liz said...

Glad you had a nice peaceful night enjoying your front porch! Looks like some good reads. Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend!

RB said...

I am glad you are again finding it a blessing to sit on your front porch. I wish we had one, but we do have huge trees in the backyard that are nice and cool to sit beneath, especially when there's a nice breeze which there is today.

Have a great holiday weekend, and a safe one too.

God bless.


EMMA said...

Glad to hear you've got people on your side!!
Those magazines look super interesting.