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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Oodles of "Noodles" and Dandelion Flower Tea

I'm learning a lot this summer.  Did you know that my homestead is growing oodles of noodles?

"Honey?  Did you know that dandelion stems can be cooked as "noodles" in a recipe?" I asked with excitement.

"Honey, I love you," replied Hubby grinning from ear to ear, and shaking his head side to side.  

I know what he was really thinking - that woman is crazy!

I had no idea you could eat the stems.

Today, I'm making Hubby and I Dandelion Flower Tea.  I've made dandelion tea before, but this time it will be with the entire dandelion top.  I am using a recipe in my new Dandelion cookbook.  Refreshing and healthy.

Reading over my companion growing list, I learned that elderberry leaves can be added to my compost to speed up the compost - another new thing I've learned.  There's a lot you can do with elderberry leaves, including making sprays for certain bugs.  I guess planting my elderberry bushes were more beneficial than I thought.  I'm definitely going to research this some more.

I'm happy to say we are making more progress on the garden.  We are finally down to the last few beds that need tilled and planted.  Although late, they are still getting done.   When you have a big family, you need a big garden.

We recycled the old goat fencing and used it to make our cucumber fence pinto bean fence.  I'm excited to see how many beans we'll get this year.  

We are also planting popcorn for the first time.  It's an experimental newbie in the garden this year.  I believe my Grandmother on my Mom's side of the family used to grow it, so I hope to have good results to share. 

As for a family update, we continue to get letters from son.  They are sounding more up beat and more positive thankfully.  He is past the most difficult part of training I think, and down to the last 3, in which they send home a packet for graduation.  We have yet to get a letter from Daughter.  I think I have written more letters by hand in one month recently, than in all of the last 5-6 years.  We are definitely keeping the postal system in business.  

Have a safe and fun filled weekend.


Unknown said...

How's the wacko neighbor thing doing?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Unfortunately they are out there bulldozing and reving motors as I sit here, and have ever since we returned home today. We can only hope that he's in the floodplain today, because he taking out a lot of trees. The violation guy is coming out tomorrow. The Sheriff tells us they can't help other than if we are lucky - getting him charged with disorderly conduct (for now anyway). We are still waiting for the survey (ugh, feels like forever).

Unknown said...

Well hang in there, too bad he's taking out trees :(

RB said...

Our mother loved to make dandelion greens with bacon & garlic, wilted down like spinach or greens.

I tried it once and couldn't understand how she could tolerate the bitter taste of it, but I'm all for anyone who can, cause dark leafy greens are very healthy.

God bless.


Liz said...

When my daughter was I basic training it seemed like forever before we heard from her the first time. Gosh I should have had that dandelion cookbook. We had a huge crop this year. But the bees loved them!