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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We wanted to take time to do something as a family and get away from the noise at our homestead.  We needed a bit of "normalcy."   We needed to have a good day.  We were all stressed, arguing all the time, and on "edge."  Hubby and I drove the kids to a drive thru animal park.  Here are more photos of some the animals.

Some animals were behind fences, so a few photos are a bit unfocused.

And some animals were not in the fence.  Here is a white buffalo, and yes they come up to your car for the food they give you to feed them (and we could buy more food including carrots).

Here, Hubby is feeding an elk, with another wanting some.  This female elk bit the cup and grabbed it from Hubby - hilarious!

Then a buffalo approached my window, and Hubby opened my window with the controls on his side of the car, allowing it to look for food.  

  (window was finally back up, and that is my reflection in the photo)
It was hilarious to Hubby, and even the kids, but more of a "pee-your-pants" moment for me.  I didn't have any food, and was busy taking photos. 

The animals walk right up to your car, stick their head inside and nibble away at the food.

Here a buffalo stuck his head in looking for more food. Ha ha!


White Alligator

King Vulture.  His head was turned, but check out that head and all those colors!

One moose tried to eat the rear-view window on the car.  When you leave here you go home with a lot of animal slobber and nose marks on your vehicle.  It was very crowded, but we had a good time.


Mama Pea said...

Gee, all we saw yesterday was a woodchuck run through the open gate into our yard! (Hubby circled around to head him off, the woodchuck took one look at that big guy and ran like heck back out the way he had come in!) I think your day was much more interesting.

Unknown said...

I've been through a place like that too. I can't do zoos anymore, I find it too depressing...

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

We went to the Ft Worth Zoo with my daughter and family on Mon.Memorial Day too
it was interesting, but no encounters like you mentioned. But it was a fun time had by all!
love your pictures.