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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Snow? ~ Tidbits

My daffodils and hyacinths are now buried in snow.  It was just in the 70's yesterday and raining.  Not today.  The high will be barely in the 40's.  

The kids have been wearing capri's, shorts and flip flops, but not today.  They won't be hanging out on the porch, painting their toe nails and lounging either.  I hope this is our last snow. 

I did not get much housework done yesterday.  I did not even get a teensy bit of handiwork done either.  I did however get almost 700 words written. 

This may be the last year for me to drive goats to the vet too.  Daughter put all the goats up for sale (except the two in milk, but will also be up for sale this fall).  We have a prospective buyer coming to look at two of them.  Sadly, this may be our last year for goat's milk and soap making.  I just could not agree to take them over, and the younger two have no interest in learning to be a "back-up" for me. may change for us here.   We simply pick up and move on.

Today should be a bit more prosperous.  I think I'll start the day by making some ham bone soup in the crock pot. 

I finished my 3030 challenge with Joyce Meyer (studying the Bible for 30 days straight for 30 minutes each day), and I have joined another challenge - Make 1 Break 1 (Make a good habit, break a bad habit).   What bad habit could you change?

The girls have so much homework right now.  With all the school they missed (due to so much snow and closings), they have been given what is called "Blizzard Bags."  They are buried in homework.  So much they have no time at all for themselves.  Literally.  


Willow said...

Ack ~ I feel for you .
NO not snow.
Sending warm wishes,

EMMA said...

Sorry to hear that you will be parting with your goats!
Good work on the writing front, was it work related or just pleasure?
We don't have snow days here - the kids go to school regardless of the amount of snow we get. Do your schools close due the the amount of snow fall or because of low temperatures?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Emma, most of the closings here were from bitter temperatures or so much snow the roads were not clear. We have what they call level alerts. On a level 3 folks are not to be on the roads so the workers can clear them, and if you are caught you get ticketed.

RB said...

We lost all our hyacinths and all of our tulips but two last snow. I suppose we'll lose those two tonight. Our daffodils did fine, but four of our five new dogwoods that we planted last fall didn't. Such is life!!!

Sorry to hear about the goats. Hope they aren't going to end up as someone's dinner. But I understand, goats are a handful.

God bless.