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Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Signs of Spring

Yesterday I had a very nice laundry day.  Every line was completely full.  I did not get all the rugs washed as planned, but got all the barn cat bedding washed and put back.  It was nice to see Timmy in one of the boxes this morning, sleeping peacefully.

The baby goats had outside playtime.  They love to run and play.  By the time I got out there to film them, they were pretty tired.

And they got pretty hungry too.  Peanut is being a good Mom.

I was blessed with front porch time yesterday, and this robin kept visiting the tree nearby.  That robin sat there and sat there.  I was talking to it (yea, I know) and it just sat there.  So, I went back in for my camera and snapped this one shot before it flew away.  Later it came back again.  Most likely looking for food, but coming very close to me (odd for a bird).  I am surprised to see so many after such a brutal winter too.  In fact, we've already see small swarms of mosquitoes too.

Timmy curled up next to the porch, in one of the herb gardens, soaking up the sunshine.  We discovered he was punctured by something (not a broken leg or sprained).  He has pulled off the hair on his leg and it has an infection of some sort in it.  So far, his wound appears to be healing.  

I'm seeing signs of spring in my flower gardens - Daffodils.  I also see a few tulips popping up. I do need more tulips.  Maybe this fall I can get more bulbs in the ground. 

Today is an indoor work day.  It's not raining too badly yet, but they forecasted "heavy" rains today.  I am thankful it's raining today.  We spotted a bald eagle in the woods nearby yesterday.  The chickens and baby goats are safely inside today.  One the kids spotted a fox a few weeks ago too.


Willow said...

Wonderful to see Spring has sprung at your place. The kids must be fun to watch. Glad you got some front porch time!

Kelly said...

Your goats are adorable!
I worked outside all day yesterday since we had thunderstorms in the forecast...not a drop of rain :/ I'm forced to stay inside today and get what I didn't do yesterday done, even though it's going to 80+ degrees today!!!