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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Homestead Tidbits ~ Rambles

. . .meat chicks arrived 2 days early.  Had to do a bit of scrambling, but got them all situated with a heat lamp.

I finished this book and started another one already. I may be sending this on to my Aunt.  I'm preparing a large box of books to send her.  She loves to read, and will be undergoing chemotherapy soon. If anyone else has suggestions on what to send her in a "happy box" please let me know.

This is another book that I borrowed from the library.  Our asparagus patch is growing every year, and I wanted to see if I could learn anything more.  I did.  Our wood ashes can be used them (as well as the entire garden).  There is a benefit to heating with wood.  This book also contains recipes.  Just sharing.  

I'll be making another trip to the library this week.  I hope to have more books to share.  

I finally got the my "recipe mess" cleaned up.  Luckily, most of them had been tried and just needed filed.  I ended up cutting and pasting them to index cards, and placing them in plastic recipe covers.  There are a scant few that need typed up and printed on cardstock (using recipe card templates).

Proud Mom Moment:  I got a text from my oldest daughter telling me that I should write an article on surviving raising kids when they are sick.  She said I taught her how to take care of herself well.  

It was then that I realized I need to write out the homemade ginger-ale recipe and make recipe boxes for each of them.    

Yesterday I had to dig and dig for a recipe they requested, to serve at my my son's "send off" party.  I hope to share that soon too.  

The weather has been in the high 50's and very nice.  It's a bit too early (and wet) for me to clean out my flower beds, but that's okay.  I'm still working on the indoor cleaning. 

I'm cleaning the kitchen cupboards now, and sorting dishes I don't use anymore, wiping shelves, and organizing.  Next is the inside of the fridge and freezer. Yesterday, I brought the winter boot box in from the garage.  I had the kids sort the boots for Goodwill (they out grew), and fill it with this year's boots.  Goodwill is getting another box from us soon.

I may run out of time, and have to leave some things until late fall.  That's okay too.  I have made a lot of "head way" in this year's spring cleaning.  The living room, or front room, is the last room to go through.  Thank goodness I only have one of those to clean. 

This deep cleaning has been rewarding.  I've found things I didn't remember having, and found things that really needed to find a new home.  We are able to function better and I can run a smoother household now.  It's been fantastic to get the kitchen in order again.  Meal planning is now like breathing. I know my pantry inventory much better.

But, that doesn't mean there aren't dirty dishes on my counters today.  Kids! 


Willow said...

It is a bit of a scramble when the chicks arrived when your not expecting them .
Go mom , with a daughter that gives high praises on how well you cared for her :))

Sam I Am...... said...

You have been busy! I've read some books by Jennifer Chiavarini but then stopped. I enjoyed them too. When I had my little farm I did put ashes from the wood stove in the garden. I also had a great asparagus bed too. How I miss that! Have you ever read any by Sandra Dallas? I think you would enjoy those too.

Kim said...

I sent a big jar of coconut oil from Sams to a friend having chemo. Or send a small gift(wrapped)for them to open each time they are at Chemo.Think sunshine gift!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

I have not read any books by Sandra Dallas. Thanks for the tip.

Kim, thanks for the ideas for my Aunt too.

RB said...

Sincere prayers for your aunt. Chemo is tough.
God bless.