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Saturday, March 22, 2014

142 Recycled Post Marked Postage Stamps ~ Saturday Rambles

In the midst of a mad-woman cleaning day, I ran across a box of printed cardstock that was storing an unfinished project.

I stopped cleaning and glued 142 of the stamps (from my stamp stash), and made 32 bookmarks for gifting.

I made these a bit more inexpensive than I normally make them.  For this batch of bookmarks, I simply printed 4 bookmark templates onto different colored cardstock, and glued the removed postage stamps (before cutting them bookmarks out).  

I then took them to our local library and had the sheets of cardstock laminated.  

It was after that step, that I cut the standard shaped bookmarks out.

  And I had a bunch of stamps to get rid of.  It's was a win-win situation.

And yet I still have plenty of stamps left.  I tucked those back into the scrapbooking drawer for the kids. 

As for the cleaning progress, it's been daily here lately.  Even if it's for 15 minutes.  Every drawer, every counter, every shelf, every everything is being purged and cleaned.  Hubby told me I had to stop.  This is so funny that I had to share.  He said the more I get things looking so nice, the more he wants to do big projects and more updates.  

This part is what is really funny, because we have many jobs to do this spring and summer already.  Like cut down a dead tree that should have come down last year.  I think I better get him a written to-do list, so he doesn't forget those annoying jobs before ripping out carpet and such.  

I started painting the recycled kitchen cupboards today.  I'm eager to get this project underway and out of the way.  This is the corner piece that I am starting with first.  

Got out the portable sewing machine Mom gave me, and after figuring out how to thread it.....

......sewed up a hill-billy style goat coat (for Clyde), using old sweatpants, velcro, and thread.  It's works pretty good for now.  Bonnie has a dog coat we've used for years now.  Oh, if you can guess, we are nicknaming them "Bonnie" and "Clyde" until they are sold.  

It was a good day to dry laundry outside today.

I'm now ready to end the day and relax.  

Sharing a photo of Primrose (left, Lamancha Dairy), and Rue (wether, Nigerian, right).  He's kind of been her "protector" since Prim arrived here last year.
Had one article published this month (a paid article).  I have already started the next article.  I finally picked up a few copies yesterday.

I ordered 30 meat chickens that will come in next month.

My younger brother and his wife had their first baby (boy) together on Friday -  8 lbs. 7 oz.  The same day our baby goats were born.

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RB said...

Congrats on all the new babies, human and goats alike. LOL

God bless.