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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, January 10, 2014

Winter Activities

I better start this post with a little gratitude.


I am thankful for:
~ unfinished knitting projects to finish, and the time to do them
~ getting a baby bib crocheted
~ the soft cozy workout outfit Hubby bought came in handy this past week
~ the start of another book on my stack
~ being able to borrow my son's car
~ the pipes and drains running properly again
~ school closed, so the kids can help get this place back into "ship shape"
~ fun mail
~ mail delivery yesterday 
~ God's Love

I woke up to the sound of running water about 3:00am.  Sure enough the water came on in the kitchen bathroom.  However, it had flooded the bathroom, and the water was running into the kitchen.  The drains were still frozen. 

By 7:30am, school closed again, and the drains were draining properly.  I know one thing the kids will be doing today - a load of dirty dishes.  I will be working on laundry.

And after that, if I can borrow my son's car, I will be braving the roads today to pick up goat and chicken feed (note to self: stock up double next winter, just in case).

Even though we had challenges this past week, it gave me time to work on unfinished work, and read books that were half read.

Our mail was not delivered Monday thru Wednesday, and we got more snow Thursday night.  The worst part is waiting around to see the sinks drain.  I admit, my lowest day was Thursday - no sun.  I pushed through the day trying to keep my positive, perky persona, but somewhat failed.

Even so, during this "arctic blast" well still had a little bit of fun.  My crazy 12 year-old daughter, made fun of me multi-tasking, of which I was reading a Christian romance novel (and I'm not typically a "romance" book type gal), while walking on the treadmill.  She took the book and started reading it to me, and the funny thing is, is that she read it all day to me, so I could crochet at the same time, and we finished the book.  


Sam I Am...... said...

So sorry to hear about the water problem. I don't think you were alone. I kept the water running slowly at night, they say both hot and cold faucets. I never lost power and the house was warm but pipes here are not buried very deep as it doesn't/didn't used to get that cold here but it does now!
That is so sweet that your daughter read to you while you crocheted. I worry about those who might get ill or need assistance when no one is able to get to them. So glad you're all okay.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun day! Glad your waters back on. You don't appreciate the wet stuff until it's gone. Electricity can go but water that's a whole different story.