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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Simple Solar Oven ~ It's a Heat Wave! ~ Sunflower Hot Pads

(the building of her oven)

Our 12 year-old is participating in a second science fair (in two years).  

This time, she chose to make a model (they have to pick specific categories, and they cannot repeat the same category from the previous science fair).  Her model?  A solar cooker.  Okay, I admit, her choice made me smile.  I can dig a solar oven. 

However, this particular science fair is in winter, and not in summer like all the rest.  Our prime solar cooking days run about mid-April to September here.  What we'll she cook?  Uh, maybe if we are lucky some sun tea?  

Praying for a hot enough day to keep her grade from being marked down.  Considering this is also an interest of my own, I did a bit of research, and we can successfully solar cook if the temperatures rise above freezing.  

Speaking of weather, it will be in the 20's today.  It's weird to walk out and think it feels like a heat wave at 20°F.  Maybe, just maybe, our dishwasher will run today, and possibly the other shower.  

Along with much needed deep cleaning, I tackled an "unfinished" project looming in my closet - sunflower hot pads.

The pattern for these hot pads are also found in this book I borrowed from the library.

I'm actually on my 4th one already.  These come in handy for gifting.  I plan to put one in our camper too.  They are pretty large - 11 1/2 inches in diameter.  I crocheted them using 100% cotton yarn.  I think they would make nice placemats, along with crocheted sunflower cup/mug coasters.   Sunflowers are not my favorite flower.  This just happens to be a looming project that isn't looming any longer. 

Kids are back in school today, and it is sooooo quiet in here today.  I better keep myself accountable.  I just might put clothes on the line today.

Last night I dug out another bag of frozen corn to go with dinner.  I have one bag left from last year's storage foods.  

We can't start much from seeds here (no place in the house, and the cats get into the seedlings, garage is too cold, and we have not built our green house yet etc.), so I have some extra time to pull out looming activities.


Candy C. said...

I hope it warms up enough to make the solar oven 'work' and the sunflower hot pads are really cute! :)

Liz said...

Sunflowers are my favorite!!
I bet its quiet with the kids back in school!